getting the big red bouncy ball rolling

Sun_Moon_Full_2kToday is the New Moon in Leo (this afternoon, precisely, across most of the U.S.)!!

New Moons are all about setting intentions for the upcoming cycle.  To do this right, it helps to get a grasp on the energies at play in the skies to best utilize this period.  After all, you can’t really paint a watercolor with crayons, can you?  Hell, you could try but why?—ugh, the stress.

So, here’s a run down of the toys we can play with:

There is a smash up of Leo energy in the heavens—Sun/Moon/Jupiter conjunct.   Or another way to say it is—the astrological players of individuality/emotions/expansion intertwined in a flaming sphere of Leo goodness.  Yeah!!

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is all about vitality, creativity and action.  Fire, red hot!   With the Moon (emotions, cycles, intuition) combining with the Sun (identity,vitality, will)—who is obviously uber comfortable in the sign he rules, this makes for a potent possible new beginning.  Leo being a fixed sign speaks to this intention having staying power to see your goals to fruition.

Scorpio Mars is lending his talents to this fireball, so there is the opportunity to dig deeeeeep (Scorpio) and take passionate (Scorpio) action (Mars) in the matters of this intention.  And, geez, with lucky, lucky Jupiter blowing this thing up, you’d almost be a fool not to get this energy working for you!!

To know where to go with this, look to which house this energy is playing out in your chart.  For example, my 10th house of career is activated with this conjunction with transiting Mars on my natal Scorpio North Node—so I’m launching this blog!

Let’s say you are a late degree Cancer rising and this conjunction falls in your 1st house of appearance.  You’ve wanted to lose some weight for a while.  With Mars activating this from your Scorpio 4th house—you could use this energy to clean out (Scorpio) the fridge at home (4th house) and get a workable exercise/diet plan started—one you will stick to (fixed energy).

OK, let’s go the other way and say this conjunction falls in your 9th house of higher education with Mars squaring from the spiritual 12th house.  Maybe you use this new moon to set the intention of starting those yoga classes you’ve always wanted to begin or enroll in that flower essence workshop at your local co-op.

See how limitless this can be?  And how perfectly specific to your life?

Or if you just have a feeling (Moon) about an issue you’d like to see some movement or change in you can certainly go there.  Honestly, with the fixed nature of Leo, the subject you choose could be something in your life you are very happy with and DON’T want changed.  That will work, too.

Whatever it is, think on it and get real clear about what it is you want to happen. Work it out until it feels good (this is the key).  Have it in the back of your mind this weekend and simply go about your business or light a candle to further build energy.  Get as ritualistic as you want.  Or not.

There you have it.  What’s your New Moon in Leo intention?


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