healing through inspiration, transformation and fortification: part 1

From July 27th to August 3rd, lovely transiting Venus in Cancer is the focus of 2 major aspect configurations.

Along with Venus, Chiron (healing), Uranus (inspiration), Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (fortification) are the dancers in this waltz and it just screams healing with a capital “H”!

In this 2 part series, I’m gonna break down the energies and show ya how you can put this mojo to good use.

Ok, let’s start from the top—Cancer wants security, predictability and comfort.  Whichever natal house cusp Cancer is, is where you will have these requirements, more than most other places.  For example, Cancer on the 7th house cusp wants a partner who is secure and provides security, is predictable and feels comfortable.  On the 3rd house cusp, the native would want day-to-day activities and a neighborhood environment that demonstrates security, predictability and comfort.  Even with no personal planets in Cancer, the house where Cancer resides is the area where you have the capability, and necessity, to nurture.

When Venus transits through a house, the planet of feminine/receptive/yin/attraction mirrors back to you whatever the theme of this house is, and right now she’s rolling through with a Cancer filter.  So, issues of security and comfort get coupled with the house themes, either building or detracting from the native’s self worth and overall resources—key Venusian matters.

For example, I have a Cancer MC.  So, I would prefer my career (10th house) to be secure, predictable and comfortable (Cancer).  Something it most certainly has not been.  EVER.  Tenth house issues have been a spot of confusion and avoidance for me.  It has taken 20 years of adulthood to admit to myself that I actually need a career and not to feel shame as a ‘sell-out’ around this realization.  With Venus currently transiting through, not only does it bring a dose of social luck (Venus) to my public reputation but I am also attracting (Venus) the energy of change to this area.  I have come to a crossroads in matters of career and feel it is time to get things sorted once and for all.  It has not been intentional, but the recent transits to my 10th all point to exactly what is occurring in my life right now.

Now queue the big boys!

First, will come an opposition from Capricorn Pluto to our Cancer Venus, then a double square from Aries Uranus creating a dynamic T-square.  And as this slowly fades, Scorpio Saturn and Pisces Chiron will form a Grand-Trine with her in the emotional element of Water.  All this energy will be poured into the house Venus is traveling through and what needs to be addressed there, can and will be. I liken it to a multi-spectrum shot of antibiotics (t-square) followed by a just right dose of vicodin (water grand-trine) to soothe a painful, say, toothache. Ha!

Today’s post will be about the t-square, tomorrow on to the grand-trine.

The Pluto/Uranus/Venus t-square is happening in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).  Cardinal energy is initiating—it signals the start of things, the steady radical change of the seasons.  When winter becomes spring.  Day becomes longer than night.  Cardinals feel most comfortable in control.  Therefore, cardinal areas of your chart are where you can easily assume control and start new enterprises—change things up.  T-squares are highly stimulating aspects, so our Venus is not only attracting/mirroring her own particular energies she is pulling help from Pluto and Uranus, as well, with this configuration.  Potent stuff!

[Note:  T-squares have ‘an out’.  Not to go into too much detail, but with this configuration you could look to Libra’s house themes and/or planets there to get an even BIGGER notion of the possibilities of transiting Venus in Cancer.  But that is beyond the scope of this post.]

Again let’s look how this plays out in real time by using my chart as an example.  Transiting 10th house Venus is opposed from transiting 4th house Pluto.  (I have no planets in these houses.  If I did it would energize and complicate things further.)  For a long time now my roots/soul/home (4th House) have been under a complete overhaul from transformative Pluto.  I like to think that positively functioning opposition aspects are a ‘bridge’ so to speak across the natal.  Therefore, I have a bridge from the 4th to the 10th houses (accelerated by being along my MC/IC axis—think Channel Tunnel).  My career is being influenced (let me emphasize—influenced waaaay more than usual) by my newly regenerated roots.  The work Pluto is doing in my Capricorn house (for me the 4th) is directly allowing Venus to work her magic in my Cancer house across my chart.  See?

Now, add to this Uranus, planet of inspiration, lightning strikes and the visionary impulse in independent Aries and the picture gets a little more precise.  Depending on its house position, Cardinal Uranus can seriously shake things up.

Again if we use my chart as an example, Uranus is transiting my Aries 7th house.  Seventh house themes are partnerships, marriage, open enemies and dealings with the public.  Sometime a week or so ago, I had the bright idea (Uranus) to start (Cardinal) a blog (Uranus) about astrology (Uranus) leading to eventually giving paid consultations (dealing with public/7th house) and making a career of it (10th house).  I am planning to work independently (Aries) from home (Cancer MC), especially since recent renovations to my childhood home (4th house/Cancer) have made this possible (literally, physically—Pluto in my 4th house).

Right now, with this writing I am nurturing (Cancer) my new career (MC).  I close my laptop feeling vital and connected, like my work is worth (Venus) something (healthy MC/IC axis).  This is a feeling I have very rarely felt in my life and definitely never felt with regards to my career.

Remember this is how and where the current sky is working on me and my life.  It is different for and specific to you and your chart, but the same energy is there, waiting to be utilized.  Looking to the houses lets you put the pieces together.  And chances are you are already feeling and experiencing it, the way I was before solidifying the process further with the start-up of this blog.

Alright?  Alright.

Where is charming Venus attracting magic into your life?


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