healing through inspiration, transformation and fortification: part 2

Yesterday, we collectively felt and are still experiencing the Cardinal t-square with Venus in Cancer, Uranus and Pluto.

 Hopefully she pulled good vibes to an area in your life that has been in need of a little inspiration and re-work.

So from now til August 3, she will be moving from the t-square into a Water grand-trine with Scorpio Saturn and Pisces Chiron.  This will be the astrological balm that soothes.  If the t-square was metaphorically setting the broken bone, then this next aspect will be the comfy bed and doting nurse who see you through back to strength.

Before I go any further, I want to discuss the Water element and how it relates to this event.  Water is all emotion, intuition, sensitive sensitivity.  This is feeling energy.  And even if you don’t have much Water in your chart to speak of, everyone has houses in the natal that Water inhabits.  These areas are where you can be touchy or confused.  Or they can be places of deep understanding and compassion—-maybe (yeah, probably) a little of both.

Well, currently our charming Venus is swimming with the big fishes in a grand-Water-trine.

Where square energy is challenging and ofttimes abrasive, trine energy is eeeeaaaassssyyyyy—pppppeeeeeeaaaassssyyyyyy.  When planets relate to one another through a trine their natural inclinations simply floooooooowwwww.  And a Water grand-trine is locked in easy-peasy emotional intuitive flow.

Trines in the natal and by transit are nothing short of a special gift.  But you know those great practical gifts your Grandma gets you for your birthday that never get taken out of their boxes and just sit in a corner of the closet collecting dust—–yeah, trines can be that way.  So much potential, so little use.  Shame.

Ah, but that’s not what’s happening in our tale, here.  Oh, no.  Yesterday’s stimulating Cardinal t-square is just what a Water grand-trine needs to kick into action.  Squares can hurt and overwhelm—–but hopefully, when the going gets tough, the trines power on!

And please realize, wherever this square/trine dynamic is operating in your chart it is working in absolute perfect tandem.  Isn’t the universe a beautiful thing?

Alright.  So to recap thus far, Venus/Saturn/Chiron are forming a grand-trine in Water. A grand-trine that is going to pick up where Venus/Uranus/Pluto left off and further tweek the your natal Cancer house.  Yeah? Yeah

Now a few words about Venus’ current cohorts.  Saturn and Chiron both have a reputation as teachers. Saturn is the wise old man that has seen it all and is mightily annoyed by the foibles of our youths.  Chiron is the maverick whose solitary quest leads us down a symbolic path to better understanding of our place in the world.  In the context of healing, Saturn forces delay upon us to ensure complete repair; insisting on absolute structural integrity.  Chiron represents a personalized wound we will always carry, but if allowed, a wound that can point to a potent source of soul pain mitigation.  Heavy.

Ok, that’s the energies at play.  Let’s talk about how it might manifest in the real world.

Like I was saying in Part 1, Cancer is the cusp of my 10th House of career.  This is the area Venus is attracting mucho mojo to all summer.  I have decided to go into business for myself by starting this blog, that will hopefully eventually lead to giving astrological consultations, so I can feed myself and keep the fleas off my dogs.  This is big and it is new.  It feels really good.

It feels like a healing.

And it feels that way because it is.  Scorpio Saturn is transiting through my 2nd house of self esteem and resources (monetary and otherwise), while Pisces Chiron is hanging out in my 6th house of health and day to day activities.  (I bet you see where this is going, eh?)   This Water grand-trine is a locked in career/money/daily routine intuitive loop, helping my old worries and confusion (read: wounds) around the ever present “what the hell do I want to be when I grow up?” question finally, blessedly, get some answers.  Answers that I am freakin’ excited about.

Piggy backing from Pluto’s root canal and Uranus’ bright idea, Saturn and Chiron are administering the shots of whiskey, digging  the bullets out and stitching me up!   Grand ol’ healing.

Where’s the whiskey being poured in your chart?


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