been there, done that!

plutotransitsSo, like all my fellow Pluto Librans, I am experiencing my fated Pluto square Pluto transit.  I have natal Pluto rising, therefore this transit from Capricorn ups the ante a bit, to say the least.

Currently, the god of the underworld is plowing through my underworld, having retrograded back across my IC for the second time last year and is now hitting my natal Pluto for the 3rd and final time just now.

Pluto has never scared me.  Not like it does others.  And I think it is smart to be a little leery of Hades if you don’t have him or Scorpio or 8th House very prominent.  But I do have him front and center.  I have always felt he is my burly bouncer at the door of my chart, not letting the B.S. in from the outside world.  I do realize he isn’t seen as ‘friend’ to everyone.

Alright, so, I consider Pluto a pal and  haven’t been paying much attention to this square—I tend to obsess over the doings and whereabouts of dear Saturn.  I knew transiting Pluto on an angle was nothing to scoff at . . .

But looking at my natal just now it hit me like a 2 ton brick—I have been experiencing a square from transiting Pluto MY WHOLE LIFE.

No, really—MY WHOLE LIFE!

My chart is just set up for it.  First, Saturn and Moon from Scorpio, then Sun,Venus and Mercury from Sadge and recently Mars, AC and Pluto from Capricorn.

Holy Hell!  That’s a lot of burning to the ground only to resurrect!

Geez, tiring.

Anyhoo.  This is inspiring.  I consider myself very lucky to have experienced these tough transits.  I am a little amazed right now.

(Yikes, I know I’m gushing, sorry.)

I will be back soon with some tales of what exactly I was experiencing with each of these transits.  It should be interesting.

What’s your relationship with Pluto, friend or foe?

Tell me all about it in the comments.


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