summer’s fixed full supermoon

nasaharvestmoonAugust 10th will give us an Aquarius Full SuperMoon.  For the last 2 weeks, strength has been building and now it is time for taking stock of how far we’ve come.

Full Moons highlight the axis between the Sun and Moon.  They allow you to observe more clearly what is usually hidden by metaphorical darkness.  These cyclical oppositions can be viewed as a bridge between the conscious (Sun) to the subconscious (Moon).  This monthly event points to the culmination of intentions made roughly 2 weeks prior on the New Moon.  It is a heightened time of possibility, where seeds planted are blooming into beautiful flowers.  We can reap what we have sown.

The Sun is currently in dramatic, regal Leo, so the Moon will be in detached, humanitarian Aquarius, Leo’s opposite sign.  The Leo/Aquarius axis is individual creativity vs. collective altruism.  Where Leo is warm and exuberant with intimate associates but sometimes lacks the ‘big picture’ perspective, Aquarius can be cold and disinterested with individuals but always thinking of the greater good.  A Full Moon along this continuum allows you to access both themes, and if need be to round out your aims.

To add power to the mix, Saturn will be squaring both luminaries from Scorpio, creating a Fixed t-square.  Fixed signs are characterized by their stability and willful determination.  Saturn in Scorpio is about rebuilding structures of control around sex, death and rebirth.  You will be able to bring new life to the houses this aspect falls.

One bonus of this Full Moon is that it happens to also be a Supermoon.  This means the Moon is closest to Earth on its elliptical orbit making the lady of the night appear larger than normal and certainly feel more powerful in astrological terms!!

Another bonus, is that Mercury and the Sun will be conjunct in Leo, allowing for plain, direct, authentic communication and thinking around the issues being addressed.

Even if you have no planets or points in Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio, wherever you have this axis in your chart you will have the ability to flesh out the goals of last month’s New Moon according to the themes of the Houses and Planets.  Right now, the energy is at its fattest, brimming with potential and it is for everyone.

If you do have planets at the 17th or 18th degree of any of the Fixed signs this Full Moon is especially powerful for you.  Any body in a personal chart at 17°-18° Taurus will dramatically be touched by this weekend’s event.

I have my Moon at the 19th degree of Leo, so this is a potent cycle for me.  The opposition falls in my 11th and 5th Houses and Saturn is currently in my 2nd House.  I am utilizing this magnificent Fixed energy to keep chugging away at this blog while ruminating over many plans for the next couple months that will highlight creativity and bring my writing to a greater public.

Where’s the Super Moonlight shining on you and your chart?


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