astrology of a toothache

I have had terrible toothaches this spring and summer.


So, I wanted to see if I could pinpoint, astrologically, what has laid the groundwork for what’s happening.

Here goes—

I have known for years that I grind my teeth at night.  I was fitted for a mouth guard a decade ago, but never used it.  Big mistake.  I have ground down and cracked one of my back teeth (#30, the dentist tells me) to the point that it has become infected and is most likely abcessed.

Astrology:  grinding teeth during sleep = strongly placed Mars/Mercury conjunction in 12th House

My planet of war and action (Mars) is combined with my mind (Mercury) in the 12th House of my natal chart.  The 12th House rules, of many things, sleep.  When I go to sleep at night, my mind continues to process and fight against all the stresses I deal with in my waking hours.  Mars rules the head and Mercury rules speech and speech impediments, so I grind my teeth—doing battle against my nocturnal stress demons.

So, I ignored what my dentist recommended and it has finally caught up with me.

Astrology:  finally caught up with me = Saturn transit

Saturn is the disciplinarian, the task-master of the zodiac.  He expects the best of you and grinds everything to a halt until his level of perfection is met.  He laughs at your half-ass attempts and sends you back to ‘do it correctly’.  Saturn also rules people who are in positions of authority (in this case, my dentist, who ironically happened to be an older whited haired gentleman—Saturn, Saturn, Saturn).

Currently, the Planet of Karma (can’t make this up!) is moving through my 2nd House which is traditionally ruled by Taurus.  Guess what Saturn and Taurus/2nd House rule?   Teeth and the lower jaw, respectively.


This spring and summer have seen all number of planets transit through my Cancer 10th House (which is Saturn’s house—teeth, again), namely of which has been Jupiter.  Jupiter is a lucky, lucky guy in most circumstances, but the truth is, whatever Jupiter touches expands, for good or bad, including the pain I have felt in my jaw.

Finally, in every chart the 2nd and 10th Houses are connected by trine aspect (this is not particularly important other than to note there is always a clear link between the houses).

So, these planets going through my 10th (teeth) have interacted with Saturn (hard lessons/teeth) going through my 2nd (lower jaw), bringing to a head (literally) my dental problems (ouch).


At least I find there is solace in knowing this is all right on schedule.

Yes, I wear my mouth guard religiously, now.


One thought on “astrology of a toothache

  1. krazi says:

    nice to read this, can you throw light besides the teeth pain what was the impact of the Jupiter transit through 10th house on other aspects like career, fortune.


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