the inconjunct: huh?

What the hell is an inconjunct?

How is it related to a quincunx?

Wait, did you just misspell ‘conjunct’ and call me a mean name?

Nope.  An inconjunct and a quincunx are the same thing.  It is an aspect between 2 planets or points, 150° apart.  Not to be confused with an opposition which is 180°.

And in honor of  the many inconjuncts currently swirling about in the heavens, I wanted to write another fast and dirty post on what exactly these things are and how they compute in the astrological chart.

Here’s what my research uncovered:

  • the quincunx represents 2 planets or a planet and a points that do not share anything in common, neither gender, element nor modality
  • the glyph for this aspect looks like a picnic table or an upside down semi-sextile
  • planets, signs, houses are inconjunct if they are 5 signs apart, e.g. Virgo is inconjunct Aries and Aquarius; Taurus is inconjunct Libra and Sagittarius; House 4 is quincunx House 9 and 11, etc.
  • using a tight orb, 2°, planets/points that are inconjunct are between 148° and 152° apart—any larger orb and you move into biquintile territory
  • quincunxes are seen as challenging aspects in the same vein as oppositions and squares, but with a twist
  • once considered a minor aspect, inconjuncts are being seen as a major aspect by many astrologers
  • if the house positions of the 2 planets are also 5 houses apart this will add intensity to the affair

So, inconjuncts are like oppositions and squares, but different.  How?

These aspects happen between places in the chart that share nothing in common at all.  Oppositions occur with 2 signs that are very different but still belong to an axis of familiarity, thus the cliché  “opposites attract.”  Planets in opposition can complete each other, round out the others rough edges.  Squares, as well, exist among bodies that share the same modality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) so, there is definite affinity. Here the tension is in the planets wanting the same things but going about it in vastly different ways.  Sparks fly, but common ground is there.

Inconjuncts have no affinity. None. Nada.  If oppositions can be seen as a bridge across the chart, than inconjuncts are detours down back alleys and side streets that make no f’in sense!  Eventually you get there, but damn.

What usually happens when a native has a natal quincunx is that the energies of one side of the aspect is utilized while the other side is ignored and vice versa.  There is never a conscious integration.  When you are living out one end the other is closed off.  These become areas of weakness and usually indicate an inferiority complex surrounding the energies of the planets/points, signs and houses.  Inconjuncts are especially problematic in synastry charts, to boot.

Yikes!  What to do?

Well, it helps to be a student of astrology to break it all down by house and sign then begin to consciously work on these rascals.  If not, many astrologers believe we eventually become adept at working our inconjuncts but only after years of missteps.  It’s all about intuition and listening to our inner voices.  Oh, and a lot of humor!

Once the incompatible energies of the quincunx are mastered, natives will have graduated from fumbling student to expert problem solver and not only in the area of life affected by this aspect.  Those adept at integrating their inconjuncts will then be able to apply “thinking outside the box” mode to all challenges of life.  A skill worth it’s weight in gold.

There are wonderful articles about this aspect on Donna Cunningham’s Skywriter blog.  One very interesting thing I picked up there is mention of Charles Jayne’s theory about the difference between 6th House and 8th House quincunxes.  I will look further into this, fo sho.

Personally, I have 2 inconjuncts in my natal.  One I understand and another I don’t.  The former is between my 3 H Neptune at 11° Sagittarius and my MC at 9° Cancer.  I am working on this one now,  as I am typing.  I have had a firm belief (Sadge) that I could not (inconjunct) have a meaningful career (10H) that helps nurture (Cancer) and heal (Neptune) people and simultaneously be financially supportive and personally rewarding, especially not one that fits seamlessly into my daily activities (3H).  Most of my life I have operated from the dysfunctional end of Neptune—lots of confusion and daydreaming while ignoring any and all impetus at a career plan.  I am hoping my work as an astrologer will finally coalesce into satisfaction for both sides.

The later quincunx is between my 12H Libra Mars at the Aries Point and my 7H Taurus Chiron Rx at 1°.  Yeah, not sure about this one.  I’ll have to give it some time to ferment.

Alright.  So, what about you?  Any observances of note?  Or maybe you have an idea how I can get my head around my Mars/Chiron issue?


6 thoughts on “the inconjunct: huh?

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