summer shenanigans of scorpio mars

This week and on into next week, Mars gets a lot of action, a position the God of War enjoys.

But first things first, lets get to know Mr. Scorpio Mars a bit better.

It is general consensus that Mars in Pluto’s sign is the sexiest of them all.  And back in the day, before Pluto was discovered, Mars was the ruler of extreme Scorpio.  Therefore his current sojourn in our Fixed Water sign is an agreeable one.

Mr. Mars here is a brooding, smoldering, determined gentleman.  He can navigate the waters of obsession with just the right mix of  possession and jealousy to arouse the most coldly rational of partners.  If he wants you, he will get you.  And if not, he will scorch the earth trying.  This doesn’t just go for matters of the heart, either.  Scorpio Mars brings this singularity of intent to all he does in the world.  But beware, this warrior fights no half battles.  He is all in or he is all out.  No middle.  Once he’s over it, he’s gone.


Here’s a break down of what he will be up to in the coming few days.

  • Wednesday, August 20th—Mars will move into trine aspect with Chiron Rx in Pisces (joining Saturn)
  • Wednesday, August 20th—he will also inconjunct Uranus Rx in Aries (joining Saturn)
  • Friday, August 22nd—he will continue to move into conjunction with Saturn, which will become exact on August 25th at 17° Scorpio
  • Saturday, August 23rd—our God of War, teamed with Saturn, will be in sextile aspect with Virgo Mercury
  • Sunday, August 24th—will be the Yod action I blogged about here
  • Monday, August 25th—Mars/Saturn will also square charming Venus in Leo

Since I will cover the aspects to Mercury and Uranus that combine to make the Eye of God formation in a separate post, just now I want to concentrate on the aspects Mars makes to Saturn and Chiron.  I will also write a separate post about the excitement in store for us when sexy Venus hooks up with sexy Mars.

Although, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn does not become exact until the 25th, we are feeling the effects even now (conjunctions are allowed such wide orbs).  When these two meet up, action drags, but with good cause.

For example, I have Scorpio on my 2nd House cusp.  The 2H is about values, possessions (financial and emotional), self-worth. Having Mars here by transit, there will be ample opportunity to actively work on my relationship (2H) to the way I view my self and what I have.  Mars can be a bit impulsive, therefore adding Saturn and his natural tendency to hold back immature projects until they reach ripeness, is a plus.  The fact that this is going on in the sign of Scorpio escalates the need to get the heart of genuine transformation.  All combined, I can be sure that the structure of my 2H is being rebuilt (Scorpio Saturn) with quality though it feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r to Mars.

On to the next engagement.  Chiron is the wound we always carry.  Pisces is the sign of illusion, forgiveness and transcendence.  Together, they are about soul-level healing.  Currently, Chiron is retrograde pointing to the necessity to look inward for answers, for results will not come from outside.

On the 20th, when Mars/Saturn from Scorpio trines, the Maverick (a.k.a. Chiron) in Pisces there will be an opening to put aside guilt and  impotence (negative Saturn and Mars, respectively) and become our own confident (Mars) authority (Saturn) with regards to the houses associated.  Scorpio and Pisces are water signs, so the effects will intuitively flow (trine) with ease if we allow our perspective to alter (Chiron) to a more positive expression.

Again, I’ll use my chart as an example.  Mars/Saturn is working on my 2H of resources and Chiron has recently crossed my 5th House cusp into my 6th House of health and work (not career—that’s 10H).  I have recently gotten a part-time job that is making me reconsider how I view hourly waged monotonous employment.  I don’t mind going to work.  And I am not completely wiped out when I leave.  My attitude is changing.  Very Chironic.  Also, this new job is in a field that I am close to an expert on.  So, yes, I am somewhat of an authority, albeit a new one.  For the first time I do feel confident that I have the chops to get things done.  Totally 2H/6H— Mars/Saturn/Chiron.

Well.  Where’s is Mars working his butt off in your world?  Comments, please.


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