when the universe agrees for you to be a gypsy

Continuing my series of posts about outer planets crossing my Imum Coeli (here’s the first and second installments).

Uranus crossed my IC and transited my 4th House from roughly 1992 to 1999.  I was 15 to 23 years of age.

This was a time filled with teenage angst and a burning itch to get out in the world and conquer.  I was miserable in my one horse town and felt my life was in a vice getting tighter.  The first chance I got from high school, I hit the road.

The road.  It had called me from childhood, sitting around listening to my father blast his 50’s and 60’s folk records about needing nothing but a rock for a pillow and a jug of wine for happiness. My Imum Coeli is in Capricorn, the sign that represents the father.

I squatted,  hitchhiked and hopped freight trains across the USA multiple times—much resembling the back and forth retrograde cycles of these planets across my IC and through my 4th House.  I traveled abroad for the first time,  crisscrossing Western Europe, as well.  I bought an old van from some hippy friends and it became my efficiency apartment.  It was fabulous.

I remember how packing and unpacking my backpack to get it ‘just perfect’ was exhilarating, there was that much potential beckoning me from over the horizon.

Neptune was still there in my 4H, dissolving any need to be normal.  And when Uranus overtook him in 1993, it set in stone that I would never have a 9 to 5 white picket fence.  Saturn had been through years before and was well into my 5th and 6th houses paving the way for transits I am experiencing now.

I was emancipating myself from the small town I grew up in and searching simultaneously in real time (Uranus) and in my dreams (Neptune) for my tribe (4H).  I did find them.

It was the best of times.

When Uranus left my 4th House in 1999, I had found the place I was going to call home for the next 11 years.  Him crossing my 5th house cusp signaled the end of my gypsy days.  Mind you, this was before I knew exactly what a Uranus transit was.

How perfect is that?  The universe will take care of you, if you listen.


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