the god of thieves teams up with a warrior, father time and a revolutionary: part 2

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” —Archimedes

On August 24th the Yod configuration between Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus occurs.  You can read about the Yod, here; Part 1 of Mercury in Virgo 2014, here and the role Mars conjunct Saturn plays, here.

Lots of yummy stuff, so let’s get to it—

What happens when steamy Mars/Saturn goes into easy aspect with earthy Mercury?  When structured action combines with quicksilver intellect?

Now, where in your life do things need to be shook up?  Where could you use some revolution?  Where is a blind spot that could use some light?

This configuration could be an answer to most all of that.

So, Mars and Saturn have joined forces in Scorpio, working to rebuild the house in your chart that deals in death, rebirth and sex.  Mercury is passing through his home-sign of Virgo; thinking, communicating and analyzing effortlessly through this house.

Earth and Water are simpatico.  Virgo and Scorpio understand each other.  Therefore, connecting them with a sextile will manifest a sharp intellect, one which is decisive, resourceful and disciplined.

This Sunday, we have an opening to use this awesomeness.  The sextile these 3 planets make become the ‘feet’ of a Finger of God, pointing to retrograde Uranus in Aries.  It is formed by both sides of the sextile quincunxing Uranus, who becomes the fulcrum planet.

What does this add to the mix?

Inconjuncts (a.k.a. quincunxes) are blindspots in our charts.  Planets 150° apart do not naturally relate.  We have to manually get them to integrate.

Saturn and Uranus have been in and out of quincunx all summer due to their retrograde cycles.  This will be their third and final pass, which usually means we have ‘gotten it.”  In other words, we have integrated the lesson we needed to learn, having experienced the energy twice already.

Uranus and Saturn are very much opposites.  They are revolution vs. convention.  Saturn in this week’s Yod is the anchor.  Mars/Mercury/Uranus could be way tooooo impulsive left alone to play, therefore having Saturn there to stabalize the interaction is a very good thing.

Now, to parse what these specifics planetary energies mean with regards to a Finger of Fate.

Mercury is the mind, intellect, how we communicate.  He is a personal planet.  He is everyday.  Uranus is the Higher mind, the collective, the revolutionary, the lightning strike that jogs us out of complacency.  Mercury and he relate. Uranus just takes it up a dozen octaves.  When in inconjunct, there is the potential for intuitive genius but the energy is spazzy and disjointed.  (Saturn will help this.)

I want to add that during this Yod, Mercury will be trining retrograde Chiron.  Simply, this will allow more penetrating insight into the sensitive areas the native carries in their Virgo house.

Mars is our action planet.  He encompasses our desires and the ability (or disability) at manifesting them.  Uranus is our individuality and independence (or lack thereof).  When combined in the stressful quincunx, one experiences the inability to adapt to change and/or assert one’s uniqueness.  Mars inconjunct Uranus runs the risk of being boring, cookie cutter and timid.

With this Eye of God formation, Uranus as the fulcrum planet gets a hand up from Mars/Mercury/Saturn.

Uranus’ effect on the house he is transiting is the key to this whole shebang.  For example, I have transiting Uranus in my 7th House.  He is radically altering the way I view the “other”.  The 7th House is about relationship, with people as well as the way my personality relates to my soul.  With this Finger of Fate, added energy will be funneled here.  I will have the chance to use sharp intellect and disciplined action to hone my Higher Mind and individual assertiveness.  Uranus is getting a hand up!

In real world action, this may manifest in a multitude of ways, but the result will be the same— a healthier House of Relationship.

And as I alluded in a previous post, there is an added intensity if you have planets at 16-17° along the Aries/Libra axis.  In Libra, it’s called the Boomerang Yod.  A planet or point in opposition to the focal planet (in this case Uranus) that will be triggered by this arrangement.  It further solidifies the formation and gives the whole thing more of a defined personal purpose.  As for natal points or planets at 16-17° Aries, it will be caught in the crossfire of the Yod.  It’s archetype through house position will be heavily vetted for renovation.

Perhaps that’s why the entire silliness is occurring at these degrees to begin with???

Remember this is a fleeting influence, it happens quickly.  And while any insights garnered from this awesomeness may set you on a radically different path, the actual configuration won’t be around tomorrow.  And don’t go looking for Uranus to be burning cars in your streets throwing molotovs, he is retrograde, so the revolution is going on inside.

Where’s the Finger of God pointing in your life?


2 thoughts on “the god of thieves teams up with a warrior, father time and a revolutionary: part 2

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