new moon, august 25th—the virgin gets real

August 25th, the Moon pays a visit to the Sun in the sign of Virgo.

New Moons are the chance to get a new perspective or initiate action on the area of your chart housing the conjunction.  It comes once a month, is in a different house and they are a supurb way to tweek your life toward the most badass you.

It is Virgo time!!  This sign is practical, efficient and organized.  No other Moon will give you the energy to make real world, real time changes where they are needed.  This is not the emotional headiness of Pisces or the take no prisoners power of Aries—this is roll your sleeves up and get that garage cleaned out magnificence!!!

I feel it is a myth that ALL Virgos are neat and tidy in EVERY aspect of their lives.  Poppycock!  I have known more than my fair share of dysfunctional slobs that were born under Mutable Earth.  Virgo has the potential to be neat but that may not be the reality.

I bring this up, because somewhere in our charts we are the Virgin.  That area may be a mess and this post is for you.  The potential for seamless efficiency is there, you just gotta tap in.  You can definitely clean it up, recycle the junk and formulate a system that works and will continue to work.  Virgo runs the risk of analyzing information to death, but once she gets to hopping—look out.

Below are a few examples of how to make the Maiden Queen be of service.

If you have Virgo on the cusp of the:

1st House—clean out the clothes closet that has been in need of a overhaul for a decade

2nd House—balance your check book or whatever today’s electronic equivalent

3rd House—clean out and wash your car then notice the peace you feel running the day’s errands

4th House—order those devices for the kitchen that you know will make your cooking life so much more rewarding

5th House—get that online photobook of the kids and recent vacations organized and up-to-date

6th House—organize your space at work or better yet make those medical appointments you have been putting on the backburner

7th House—take just 5 seconds out of the day to tell your sweetie how much they mean to you and commit to doing it more often

8th House—finally get started on that living will (yikes! intense, but welcome to the 8th House)

9th House—go check out that fabulous Asian market across town and try bok choy for the first time–yum!

10th House—update your LinkedIn profile or get some fancy new business cards

11th House—narrow down and donate to one of the charities you have been meaning to give to

12th House—actually set aside 5 minutes to meditate and make it a consistent part of your routine

See?  All these little things will make your Virgo so happy.  She is really actually easy to please.

The list doesn’t end here.  There are a myriad of possibilities.  Contentment is in the details for our Mercurial Girl.

And one fault of our Maiden is she can be soooo hard on herself, causing her confidence to suffer.  I have a sneaking suspicion that wherever she resides in your chart you may be highly critical of your faults and subsequent inertia.  How ’bout you use this New Moon to let yourself off the hook here and just do the best you can?  I promise, whenever Virgo is activated and hands-on, you are guaranteed the best that is humanly possible.

Relax, then get to work.


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