august 25th & 26th—lady leo has suiters a’calling

Venus is about half way done with her yearly summer trip through the fire sign of Leo.  The beginning of this coming week many suiters will come a’calling on Miss Venus.  Let’s she how she may respond to their advances.

On August 25th, the Goddess of Love will inconjunct the Maverick from Pisces.  Venus is attraction and our sense of worth related to how attractive we feel and how well we attract financial security.  Chiron is a wound that never heals.  His energy is of helping others with precisely the injuries he cannot recover fully from.  Together, we get to question our value in regards to the house Venus is transiting.  She is pulling healing Chironic energy to this area.  With Chiron, ‘healing’ may be as simple as a minor change in perspective.

Sounds easy, but inconjuncts are tricky— to get the rewards you have to manually adjust.  Leo is the lion, but here she is the bashful fluffy kitty and any body in Pisces is undoubtedly on the introverted side.  Think of 2 shy teenagers with crushes, who have to force themselves to even smile at one another.

Then on Tuesday, charming attention loving Leo Venus will square steamy Mars/Saturn in Scorpio.  The same day she will also be in trine aspect with electric Uranus from Aries.

Mars/Saturn is slow and deliberate, even more so in Scorpio.  And to say this gentleman (conjunctions fuse, so while in aspect they become a single entity) is a bit suspicious is an understatement.  Leo Venus loves the party and tries to surround herself with big bold displays of the goodlife.  Both Scorpio and Leo are fixed signs, so these two are set in their ways.  The square ‘feel’ is one of agitation and impatience, which is precisely how this pair will interact.  The Feminine in Masculine Fixed Fire will most likely balk at the perceived drudgery of the Masculine in Feminine Fixed Water.

How does this translate into the days mundane affairs?  Probably, the yin and yang of the day will be a little off.  Too aggressive in one sphere and too passive in the other.  Too emotional or too showy; too withdrawn or too over-the-top.

If by chance, these two get it together, it will be a sultry dynamic collaboration of the two archetypes, a nicely erotic twinge.

I hope for the later.

While Venus is fussing with Mars/Saturn, Uranus makes a grand entrance.  Two fire signs flirting—now, that’s fireworks.

Leo and Aries understand one another, to a degree.  They are fire and passion.  They share the same element—just possess two different means to express it.  Aries is Cardinal and Leo is Fixed.  One charges right ahead, while the other sticks around and builds stability.  Leo picks up right where Aries leaves off.

Juxtapose this with last month’s Cancer Venus.  She was Cardinal like Aries, but Water.  Water squares Fire.  There is affinity but it doesn’t ‘feel good.’  Uranus would probably just simply be too brash for a girl like her.

Now, Leo Venus would match the Innovator’s energies a bit better.  The conversation between the two will be lively.  Uranus will enjoy giving attention to Venus and Venus will relish his quirky genius.  They will both enjoy the innocent (ha!) battle for ‘who’s boss?’ likely to go down.  Fire trines Fire—that makes for smooth (ish) sailing.  Uranus is erratic, especially in the sign of Aries, so his visit will be short and sweet—leaving our lady with a sly smile on her face.

How about all this for those of us bound to Earth?

Venus and Uranus in Fire will feel socially energizing.  There will be flashes of wild beauty on tap for the day.  We’ll be a little more charming and inspiring while this aspect lasts.



One thought on “august 25th & 26th—lady leo has suiters a’calling

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