maps for the coming year

What I mean by maps is your solar return!


Every year around your birthday, the Sun goes back to the precise position he was in at the time of your birth.  The subsequent chart that can be erected is known as the solar return.  Deciphering what this chart says, can help you map out the next 12 or so months.

Here’s my fast and dirty on what to look for.

  • a solar return can be read much like the natal chart, but keep in mind that it is relevant only for a year, not a lifetime like the natal
  • the native’s current location at the time of the return is used to erect the chart
  • the house the Sun is in is of great importance, as well as any aspects the luminary makes to other planets or points
  • the themes of planets located on the angles of the chart will be a prime focus
  • the position and condition of the Moon is also of paramount influence, for she symbolizes your emotional perceptions for the year
  • look to which hemisphere and quadrant most of the action is located—this will give more clue to the next year’s energy
  • pay attention to any stelliums that occur, as well
  • the solar return Ascendant is significant to how the native will meet the outside world for the next cycle, with valuable insight deemed from the condition of the new (?) chart ruler
  • it is vital to overlay the natal chart with the return chart to see how the two interact—what planets/points conjunct or make major aspect with which planets/points in the birth chart
  • more in depth—notice if there are intercepted houses and duplicated signs to give hints to issues coming up
  • return chart can also be erected monthly for Lunar returns, Venus returns, Mars returns, etc.—each one being a different piece to the puzzle of your future

Some people change locations deliberately on their birthdays to manipulate which house positions the planets fall in.  Some astrologers swear by this, others think it’s fooey.  I fall some where in between.  Sure, you can run but you’ll never hide forever from the Universe.


Happy Solar Returns!!


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