the big and the deep—jupiter inconjuncts pluto

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-003Pluto and Jupiter will inconjunct for two weeks from August 29th to September 12th.  This aspect will be exact on Friday, the 5th of September.

This is an opportunity to get Capricorn Pluto Rx energy to your Leo Jupiter house and vice versa, but it is going to be clumsy and round-a-bout, not straight forward like an opposition.  Hopefully we’ll catch on quick.

Let me parse what Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Leo energy looks like.

Capricorn is business, authority and the status quo.  He is the structure that holds us all together.  In our bodies, Capricorn symbolizes our teeth and bones.  He is the hard stuff that all the fleshy stuff is packed around.  When out of balance he is a bureaucratic nightmare.  He sees no human faces, just numbers on a spreadsheet.

Somewhere in our chart this is who we are and may be if not functioning the best we can.

Pluto is the volcano.  He is the white light nuclear bomb.  He is the rebuild once the weeds begin to grow amongst the hardened ash.  He is the soaring phoenix pushing for the clouds. When out of sorts he is the obsessed ex boyfriend sitting patiently—fuming, in his car for you to come home from your date.

Wherever Pluto is in your chart, you are being asked by the universe to go deep.  Deeper than ever before.

Together, they are the impetus that popped the real estate bubble in 2009, the Occupy Movement thereafter—all Capricorn Pluto.  Big Business having a forced remodel.

Where do you expect to run the show like a boss?  Where might you be a stingy petty dictator?  This is where Pluto Rx is transiting now.

We just came through Leo season.  It’s the height of summer and that characterizes the 5th sign of the zodiac perfectly.  The sun is bright and all is in bloom.  Leo is confident, loud, affectionate and loyal.  Leo rules the heart in our bodies.  When off track, he can be the ego-maniac, superficial mean girl we all hated in high school.

Jupiter is good luck and hope.The King of the Gods is tolerant and optimistic.  He is our want for higher growth.  Everything he touches expands, bigger and bigger.  If it is something positive—great, if something negative—we’re in trouble.

Jupiter in Leo is the wild abandon of playing like an 8 year old when you’re 45.  He is fun, fun, fun.  He is the courage to take risks.  He thrives on creative adventure. Leo and Jupiter both like the world full of color, so together it is a double whammy!  Unstable, he is the happy-go-lucky bum, who manages to be perpetually drunk and gambling the rent money away.

Where do you expect to be a natural super star? Where do you sometimes let your ego get in the way?  This is where Jupiter is, right now.

Alright, that’s the break down.

So, these 2 are going to inconjunct at the end of the week.  Quincunxes (aka. inconjuncts) are not easy to get working smoothly.  You, dear reader, have to manually put the effort in.  They are the difference between driving an automatic and a stick shift.  But once you learn, it is almost impossible to forget.

Since Pluto and Jupiter move slower than the personal planets, this aspect is gonna be around for a couple weeks.  We’ve got a cushion of time to mess up a couple times and eventually get it right.

Let’s look what these guys have to offer one another?

Leo and Capricorn both like solid organization.  Leo can learn to manage finances better from Capricorn and Cappy can learn to lighten up and enjoy the ride a bit better from Leo.  The Lion can bring the Goat out of his shell and the latter can temper some of the former’s silly dramatics.

When Pluto and Jupiter team up, they bring to the fore big power, deep insight, big psychology, deep spirituality.  Where could you use some of that?

For example, this inconjunct will occur across my 10th/11th House cusp and IC.  During this configuration, Jupiter will transition from my House of career and public status to my House of hopes and aspirations.  He is bringing me the luck and courage needed to be outrageously ambitious in any future plans I am hatching.  Pluto is at the deepest point of my chart, demanding I delve further into issues of childhood home life, to once and for all bring to the surface all ‘infection’ and deal.

Here I have the opportunity to transform any roadblocks from my past into tools for my future.  I can apply warm-hearted philosophical insight to some of my psychological hangups.  This will allow me the freedom to bring peace to bygone injuries.  I can subdue the tyrant of my 4th House and check my ego at the door of my 10th and 11th Houses, while I continue to work confidently and diligently toward my goals, knowing I am living into my highest ideals.

Whoa, sign me up!

How bout you?

Where is the universe asking you to dig deep then go big?


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