september 2nd—ready for the debate?

Mercury moves from Virgo to Libra early Tuesday, September 2nd.  He will stay in the sign of the Scales till the 27th.

This month our Quicksilver Trickster will be in major aspect with all the planets beyond the Asteroid Belt save Saturn and Neptune.  Then in October, he will retrograde from Scorpio back into Libra for almost an entire month.

Almost two months in one sign by the fastest moving planet in our solar system!!  Yep.  So, let’s get acquainted . . .

Here our Messenger God is all about fairness and charm.  He tries to keep everything in perfect balance (more on that in a sec).  Hermes in the 7th sign of Libra loves a debate that gets the intellectual functions operating at high speed.  Libra is an Air sign and Air signs rule the intellect.  Mercury is our mind and communication, so he is very adept in this realm.

Libra Mercury can see both sides to any subject and is not afraid to play devil’s advocate.  He fancies himself the mini-diplomat to many a quarrel.  When it comes to making solid, timely decisions, this tendency to see all sides of the issue may slow us down for the next month.  I personally believe Libra is a little better at the decision making process than he is generally given credit for, but there will definitely be much ado about weighing the pros and cons of every subject.

Libra loves a buddy more than any other sign, so this month there will certainly be a desire to mingle socially.  Beautifully expressed  words and ideas will be the prevailing theme.  All our tongues will turn a  shade closer to silver under this influence.

Yes, yes, we are gonna want to chat our heads off.  And quite frankly, some of us may simply loose the ability to shut the ‘f’ up!!  Without a doubt, this verbosity may annoy those who desire depth to the conversation (looking at you Scorpio), because the Libra Mercury’s vibe may be way too superficial.

Another negative side to Mercury in Libra is the tendency to disagree simply to inspire further debate—this isn’t necessarily the best course of action to maintain peace.  And Libra sure loves peace.

But he loves balance more!!!

Things must be in sublime symmetry, so peace makes way for argument makes way for harmony makes way for quarrel—oh, the forever waltz of Libra.

Can you see the scales balancing back and forth in your head, never fully coming to a settle?

That is Libra Mercury in a nutshell!

And then in October, we’ll gear up to do it all again.


One thought on “september 2nd—ready for the debate?

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