september 5th—lady venus gives us a makeover

The Goddess of Love and Money will ingress into Virgo on Friday, September 5th.  She will stay in the sign of the Harvest until September 29th.

While in Virgo she will make major aspects with all the planets past the Asteroid Belt (except Jupiter, whom she partied with last month in Leo) along the way.

Venus in Virgo is very different from Venus in Leo.  Fire is passion, Earth is pragmatism.  Virgo doesn’t want the spotlight like Leo, she wants to be of meaningful service.

Our Goddess in the 6th sign is humble and self-effacing.  She is down to earth and loyal.  She works hard so you will appreciate her and suffers if she cannot be of assistance to the ones she cares for.

During the 24 days the Planet of Love spends in Virgo, the theme will be one of health/diet/hygiene.  And wherever Venus is traveling in your chart this trifecta will become top priority.  Venus symbolizes beauty, worth and relating.  She signifies what one needs to feel beautiful, to feel of worth and to feel comfortable relating.  Therefore, Virgo Venus needs cleanliness and good health to feel in balance.  Whichever house Virgo resides, the next couple weeks you will want to have a makeover.

For example, Venus is currently transiting my 11th House of ideals and higher objectives.  I am attracting self-improvement (Virgo) to this area.  I am currently reevaluating my eating habits when it comes to animals.  I have been a vegetarian off and on since I was 11 years old.  But I have not been consistent in this practice for well over a decade.  I am not sure what the end result will be but it is definitely at the forefront of my mind.  I have a feeling that this transit from Venus will solidify any decisions I reach.

Virgo Venus is a trustworthy, industrious lady.  She works tirelessly to get the areas she controls in fine fettle.  The one fault we have to look out for with her is her penchant for nagging and hyper-critical assessment of situations and people.  She can be brutally hard.  It isn’t malicious but it feels like it at the time.  She just wants everything to run as smooth as possible and gets bogged down in the dirty details a bit.

So, as long as we borrow some compassion from her opposite sign Pisces and take it easy on the unproductive nit-picking, we should make grounds in developing a sense of well-being wherever she is journeying in our natals.

Where’s the makeover scheduled for you?


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