planetary hand-me-downs

Here is my fast and dirty theory about one secret to outer planet transits.

But first let me define some terms:

inner planets (i.e. personal planets)—planets inside the Asteroid Belt

personal planetsSun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars  I call them the worker bees.  The Moon is the Queen Bee for she works her magic around the entire zodiac each month.  Next is Mercury and Venus, who are never far from the Sun, fleshing out the sign he occupies each month.  Mars is the renegade of the bunch, taking roughly 2 years to make his path around to each sign.  Along with the Rising Sign, these guys are the building blocks of the personality—the nuts and bolts.

outer planets (i.e. social and transpersonal planets)—planets orbiting outside the Asteroid Belt

social planetsJupiter and Saturn  These two move slower than the ‘bees’ but faster than the generational planets. Saturn takes about 28-30 years to journey around the zodiac; while Jupiter takes about 12 years.  They are known as the ‘social planets’ because those who are born within a year of you will have roughly the same placements.  They speak to how the kids in your grade at school shared common interests and dilemmas, different from even the preceding or succeeding classes.  These 2 work in tandem—Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts—checks and balances.

transpersonal planetsChiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto  Transpersonal planets move ssssssslllllooooowwwww.  Their effects are seen within entire eras of time.  The influence of these planets point to why my generation is radically different from my grandmother’s generation and hers from her grandmother’s and so on.  Chiron, the Centaur, takes a little under 51 years to get around each constellation.  (I use Chiron as a full-on transpersonal planet, though not all astrologers give him full billing.)  Uranus takes 42 years to orbit the Sun.  Neptune takes 165 years to make his way through the zodiac.  Pluto takes 248 Earth years to get from Aries to Pisces.  Chiron, the Centaur, takes a little under 51 years to get around each constellation.  (I use Chiron as a full-on planet, though not all astrologers give him full billing.)  The energy of these planets is about evolution of and to our higher selves.  They spend so long in each sign/house because it is their cosmic task to shake up, dissolve and utterly rebuild society, generation by generation, individual by individual.  Due them we are allowed to tap into the collective consciousness; to pursue the universal drive to become one with all  

Alright, so, this is how it works:

I am never going to have a Pluto transit to my 10th House.  He just moves too slow and human life is too short.

Oh, what a pity!!

But wait!!  The cosmos has an answer!!

In a nutshell—the speed of the personal planets funnel the energies of the slower planets to the houses you will never get a transpersonal transit in and only precious few social planet transits to.

Every time (remember, once a month for the moon, once a year for Sun/Mercury/Venus and roughly every two years for Mars) one of the inner planets whips through my 10th House, and I get to experience Plutonian energy by aspect in my house of public standing.  It is hand-me-down transformation from my 4th House.  And when Pluto moves to my 5th, I will get these opportunities in my 11th.  See?

All four generational planets are implemented this way and to a lesser degree the social planets, as well.  And it happens with all the aspects, save the conjunction of course, but it is most noteable with the opposition,  inconjunct and trine—the connections that stretch all the waaaaayyyy to the other side of the chart (or almost).

There you have it . . .

How are the hand-me-downs fitting ya?


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