september 9th-11th—a furious inner excitement

“a certain climate of excitement of the mind . . . people with spirit,   a furious inner excitement, a burning flame within . . .” 

—Werner Herzog on what it takes

For most of this work week, we get to experience some outer planet love brought up close and personal with the help of Mercury, Venus, the Sun and Moon. (Mars gets some action on the weekend!)  It will be bit of a roller coaster, dipping low, then rocketing high, only to level out to a comfortable, real world stability.

Before we get started, I want to remind all that Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Moon’s Nodes and Chiron are currently retrograde and that means almost half the energy in the heavens has an introspective bend to it—a pensive ardor.

8yearsAlright, shall we?

On Tuesday the 9th, Libra Mercury squares Capricorn Pluto Rx.    This is Cardinal Air knocking against Cardinal Earth.  Square energy is tense with an imminent need to do something about it.  The common thread for the day will be raw communication.  More than a few of us may get pulled in to a pit viper debate to the death.  Libra likes to chat and mingle and certainly won’t shy away from a lively battle of words and there is precious little flowery about Pluto.  Cardinal signs expect to be in control, so there will likely be a twinge of suspicion floating around about who is actually wearing the pants in a given situation.  The temptation to go for the jugular will be palpable.  Not much room today for the flexible and sensitive.

But having been forewarned, you could forego the negative above and use this mojo to initiate (Cardinal) a brilliant idea you’ve been pondering.  Use the Libra to balance and level, then put the Capricorn to use vetting a worthy structure of operation.  Or you can have a sincere intellectually riveting conversation or two about the state of humanity and our place in making it better.  Blunt isn’t bad, if the time has come.  Could go either way.

Hold tight, because Wednesday will be night and day from the previous 24 hours.  It’s looking to be the highlight of the week, with 3 exhilarating events.

Our winged Messenger will sextile Jupiter in Leo, so if you do get into it the day before, you will probably giggle to yourself at how banal it all was.  Jupiter is good for a chuckle after all.  This is Air meeting Fire—where lofty concepts and honorable intentions prevail.  It will be an opportunity to get to the truth of the matter concerning the squabbles from the preceding day.  It will feel as if a weight on your mind has been lifted and the edge taken off.  The good vibes will be free flowing with a generous and optimistic atmosphere.  So much the better.

Ok, next up, Virgo Venus will also oppose Pisces Neptune Rx.  This is right off the heals of the Sun’s opposition to Neptune a week and a half ago and now Venus gets her chance.  Tuesday’s tryst will be pleasantly divine.  Venus is the zodiac’s planet of love and beauty and Neptune is her higher spiritual vibration.  When things are good with this pair, they are SUBLIME!  All things shiny and effervescent flourish under their combined gaze, so if you notice the mundane choirs of the day (Virgo) seeming to glimmer with a mystical, poetic allure (Pisces), it is just these two slipping their rose tinted glasses over your eyes.

And if the day just couldn’t get better, our lovely Lunar Lady will conjunct the Mad Professor in Aries to boot.  This is the cosmic fire in the belly—impatient and demanding.  Spontaneous awakenings carry the day.  If you are in the habit of wrestling the creative from life’s monotony, you will find the task blessedly facile with the intuitive originality of this Fire Moon/Uranus conjunction at your back.

What a day!

And Thursday, the 11th, we get to reel it in a bit.  The Virgo Sun will sextile Saturn in Scorpio.  This pair in easy aspect points to an ability to take responsibility, to develop self-discipline, to be trustworthy, to maintain.  Don’t think of it as a buzz kill to the preceding day’s euphoria—no, here we get the opportunity to naturally follow course—steady and true.  The oft fickle demonstrations of Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus can be solidified in the muddy mold of Earthy/Fixed Water.

A SuperMoon for the ages, followed by a hump day for the record books—gotta love it!


3 thoughts on “september 9th-11th—a furious inner excitement

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