september 12th & 13th—going mental

This Friday, Libra Mercury will inconjunct Chiron in Pisces.  Picking up where Monday’s SuperMoon left off, our minds will be filled with ruminations of old wounds and emotional injury.

Back in August, Virgo Mercury opposed Chiron—this was a simpler exchange of the Mind with the Healer.  Oppositions are a direct route—inconjuncts are not so straightforward.  August’s opposition saw Earth and Water swap energy—two elements that share astrological affinity.  This week’s quincunx is between Air and Water—not so much sympathy with these two.

In Virgo, it’s all about clutter.  Mercury Virgo deals with the cluttered mind, wanting/needing our mental functions to be streamlined, efficient—no dead weight.  Pisces Chiron aided Mercury here with forgiving our cluttered mental spaces and making room for compassion.  Not every thought and communication will be perfect.  And that’s ok.

Well, in Libra, the mind wants/needs social stimulation.  It’s all about relating.  Balancing the pros and cons of societal interaction.   So, given that, what does the Piscean Maverick  have for our Messenger God this time?  It will be a clumsy attempt at healing how we relate to others.  I say clumsy because quincunxes aren’t the easiest of aspects to tap in to.  More about that here.  You will need to use your brain and do a bit of navel-gazing to get it working.

Maybe you don’t feel very welcomed or accepted by the new group of people you mingle with socially.  Maybe you don’t see eye to eye with your partner on a subject you feel is make or break to the relationship.  Maybe you are always sticking your foot in your mouth just when eloquence was needed for an enjoyable evening out.  See where all this is going?

Libra Mercury needs to chat and mingle.  If there is any obstacle to fulfilling this desire, Chiron in Pisces can bring compassion, forgiveness and healing to the table, you just have to add the manual adjustment.  (Hint:  not every interaction will be smooth, but that is ok.  You are not stupid if it doesn’t always go to plan.)

Yeah?  Yeah.

Then on Saturday the 13th, the speed demon of the solar system flies into opposition with Uranus Rx in Aries, while Mars enters fiery Sagittarius.  Things gettin’ all shook up!

Mercury’s dance with Uranus is the first opposition of the season along the Libra/Aries axis.

Aries is all “Me, first!  Me, first!”

LIbra is all “Wouldn’t it be nice if we did this together?”  (Notice the decision is left up to you?  Ha!)

When the God of Thieves meets the God of the Sky, reckless genius ensues.  A heightened eccentric nervous need to challenge the status quo will reign or at least a need to talk a lot about it.  We will be quick on our feet and the atmosphere will be abuzz with excitement.  Air is thinking and Fire is action, so there is more than ample impetus to get out and DO this weekend.  Bring a friend (Libra) and blaze a trail (Aries).  Even if it’s just cleaning out the garage—it’s still Virgo season, ya know.


2 thoughts on “september 12th & 13th—going mental

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