a heavenly entelechy

On Tuesday, September 16th, Mercury conjuncts the North Node of the Moon’s Nodal Axis at 19° Libra.  This is a perfect occasion to post a fast and dirty about what is up with the Moon’s Nodes and get cozy with the Aries/Libra polarity.

2014-08-28 00.37.33-1The Moon’s Nodes are an axis—there is a North Node and 180° away, a South Node.  They are the places in space where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth crosses the elliptic of Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  When New or Full Moons occur at a Nodal point, we experience eclipses on Earth—Solar (New Moon) if at the North Node; Lunar (Full Moon) if at the South.  Their ‘motion’ in the heavens is the opposite direction to all other planets in our solar system.  Therefore they are thought to be above the frey so to speak—hanging on the periphery of all the daily celestial drama.  They stay in a sign for about 19 months at a time, and take about 18 years to come full circle around the zodiac.

Astrologically, they are thought to synthesize the spirit of the Sun with the soul of the Moon.  They are karmic points that embody where we have been and what is comfortable—the South Node and where we are going in this lifetime that may create a sense of apprehension—the North Node.  Their position by sign and house are signposts directing us on our cosmic paths.  The South Node is our pattern of thinking and behaving that served us well in previous reincarnations, while the North Node is the potential we need to embrace this time around to feel as if our current journey is rewarding.

That being said, the South Node is in no way bad, while the North Node is good.  They work in tandem, as with all oppositions.  There is the possibility for dysfunction at either end or for a healthy expression of either of the energies.  Free will, baby!!

Molly Cliborne Gauthier has a wonderful metaphor for this axis:  “Think of the North Node as the head, and the South Node as the stomach. The stomach has the hunger, but the head has the mouth.  So you fulfill the desires of the South Node through the energy of the North Node.”

Currently, the North Node is in Libra and the South in Aries.  Libra is the sign of partnership and Aries is the individual.  The former deals with how we relate and balance ourselves against others, while the latter is the impetus to forge ahead into the unknown with little regard for much.  This polarity signifies a need to work with others to benefit all, instead of competing for recognition, resources, etc. on the never-ending quest to be #1.  We have mastered the win/lose dynamic (Aries), now is time to perfect the win/win (Libra) interchange.

So, Tuesday, Mercury is conjuncting the North Node.  Though this is not remotely as powerful as an eclipse, I feel it will be an excellent time to do a mental check in as to how we are progressing along the path of mutual accomplishment.  Are we utilizing Ariean courage and self-reliance to benefit the collective?  Are we diplomatically, yet assertively weighing the pros and cons to reach a decision that will allow the most good?  Are we harnessing our quick-to-laugh-&-joke personal power to connect on a deeper level with others?

Are we inviting a buddy along?


2 thoughts on “a heavenly entelechy

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