september 17th-21st—what ya lovin’ and who’s lovin’ you?

Oh my, Venus will be participant in three configurations involving big boy outer planets for the remainder of the week.  It is a line up of challenges and potential breakthroughs.  This is the week to attract a voracious healing to the house Venus is transiting in your natal.

So, it all starts with Chiron.  If you’ve ever doubted your attractiveness or desirability as a partner (and who hasn’t???), Wednesday the 17th, will be a gold mine for you.  Virgo Venus is opposing Pisces Chiron and this speaks to healing issues of self-esteem.

Virgo is practical, therefore this is a real chance to make heuristic alterations to how we view our worth.  It won’t feel the best to be sure but there’s a reason Venus is who she is and Chiron is who he is—have faith.   The onslaught of negative media images and inadequate cultural ideas as to what makes a woman and a man worthy is exhausting to even the most confident of us.

This hits harder for some, but we all have our doubts to work on.  Use this energy, people, to make a change, no matter how minute, toward a stronger core of armour-propre.

Actually, momentum has been building in this area since before Leo Venus inconjuncted Chiron last month.  So, much the better now, for it is easier to access oppositional energy than quincunx energy—if you didn’t quite get it then, here is a fine opportunity to own it now.

(And here’s a sneaky little astrological secret—we will revisit this theme for the remainder of our lives each time Venus snuggles up to the Maverick.)

I should disclose my working fast and dirty theory about transiting personal planets in the quincunx/opposition/inconjunct cycle with outer planets—

  • the first quincunx is like a practice exam—things aren’t yet solidified; the ideas are still clumsy; you can get it but you gotta put in the extra time; most people put it off til the opposition
  • the opposition is the big exam day—it’s more straightforward and usually feels far more imminent and demanding
  • the second and final inconjunct is like the make up test—last chance to get it right; you are operating in a state of ‘catching up’ but once successful results are still oh so gooood.

So, this is Venus/Chiron’s big exam day, and yes you get a make-up when Venus again quincunxes Chiron from Libra next month.  But, yeah, all the current Virgo energy wants to get it done right and get it done now.

Some questions to be asking:

  • how do I talk to myself? Is it belittling or supportive?
  • am I vastly harder on myself than others ever are?  Do I hold myself to an impossible standard?
  • do I believe that only the beautiful or rich deserve love and affection?  Of which, I am not, therefore I am unloveable and undesirable?
  • do I withhold feelings of warmth and compassion from myself?
  • what is the state of the love affair I am engaged with myself?  Is it transcendent or is it abusive?
  • do I feel I have to buy love?  Do I feel if I work just a little bit harder I will deserve happiness?
  • do I resist letting go of the past?  Does this stand in the way of quality relationships, now?
  • do I believe the lies society tells me about what is of value?  Does this keep me separate?

Venus/Chiron gives us the gift of using art to heal.  Get pen and paper, paint and canvas, grab your guitar—whatever! and create, create, create.  Lay the painful answers to the above questions out unashamedly and sacrifice them to the the Gods of Self-Love and Personal Power.  Get the blood of self-loathing on your hands . . .

Yikes!  Lots of ground to cover with this one, huh?  Plant the seeds of healing today and the harvest will nourish a lifetime —Venus in Virgo’s motto.

And to bolster whatever is activated with Venus/Chiron, Thursday, September 18th we get the green light to embrace our inner, most beautiful freak!!  The Goddess of Love and Money will quincunx Uranus Rx in Aries, kicking off the Venus/Uranus inconjunct/opposition/quincunx cycle..

What lesson is Virgo drawing out from Aries Uranus?

As I alluded earlier, this event will give us permission to pursue our own individual style; to slap our own distinctive stamp onto relationships, how we make money and what we value.  Virgo likes to do things by the book, and well, sometimes that’s simply not good enough.  Enter the Rebel of the solar system!  Funneling erratic Uranian energy will ruffle the Maiden’s feathers precisely where needs be.  All the better to finally commence the belief down to your guts that you are perfectly of worth.

Good god there is no end to what this could look like—put on a ridiculous funky hat and get out there on that limb!  Get crazy with what you love and value.  Go!!

So, after a week of pain and rebellion, Venus pays Father Time a visit.  Mutable Earth relates well to Fixed Water and on the 21st our Goddess will sextile Saturn in Scorpio.  If there is any soul who has supported you at your lowest, who has been the shoulder you wept on, who has picked you up whenever you were down and wallowing, this is a good time to take stock, to call them, to thank them.

Venus/Saturn does not take relationships lightly.  When joined, especially in easy aspect, they offer loyalty and security—double that with the two planets residing currently in Virgo and Scorpio.  They exhibit meticulous standards of behavior in relationships.  Their judgement is crystal clear.  Once they choose you, they will have your back indefinitely.  Love = fidelity.  They mean business.

This solid stalwart energy will be in the air over the weekend and at your disposal.  Use it.  The names and faces that popped into mind just now while reading are the individuals who will walk with you unflinchingly on your journey.  They are the ones who will get the most joy out of that dumb hat you’ve started wearing.

[All I can think about while writing is my sister—she is this person for me.]

Call your people.  Express your gratitude.  Commit to the long haul.

My hint is to do it early—Saturday or Sunday morning, while the Moon is in Leo and these gritty emotions can be lightened and expressed more comfortably.  Once, the Moon ingresses to Virgo around noon, it will become much harder.


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