september 22nd—pluto direct!!!

Pluto in Capricorn goes direct on Monday, September 22nd.  Our God of the Underworld will exit the retrograde zone next January 12th 2015, of which he has been in since April 14th of this year—9 months, people!

Hades has covered roughly 11-13° Capricorn in this cycle.  If you have planets or points at these degrees, in any sign, you have felt this retrograde in one form or another depending on planet or point/house/sign/aspect and will continue to experience its effects for another 3 months or so.

When planets are retrograde their energy is turned inward.  The impetus is reflection upon the self and internal motivations.  It does no good to look for answers on the outside—the only response of merit is unflinching personal scrutiny.  As the planet stations and begins direct motion, its energies once again train outward into the physical world.  All the lessons learned are then accessible in our mundane lives.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, annihilation and regeneration, intense soul-level intimacy.  The lesson here is of letting go.  The universe is asking you to release those things—relationships, beliefs, habits—that no longer serve you.  These are patterns of behavior you have demonstrated a near complete refusal to give up.  A deep level of fear and resistance surround these issues, for Pluto only works on the profoundly buried—he leaves the superficial business for other planets to fuss with.

For those of you with planets/points at 11-13°, the above is front and center in your life.  This current purging will not feel pleasant.  Oh, no.

And, well, the time has come.  Pluto demands it.  He simply does not take ‘no’ for an answer.

The solace I can offer is that the Planet of Power takes away the rotten only to replace it with the beautifully vital.  You may be burning as we speak but guaranteed, when it is over Pluto will have transformed you into the Phoenix.

That is his promise.  One he surely will keep.


2 thoughts on “september 22nd—pluto direct!!!

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