september 23rd & 24th—autumnal flux!

Ok.  Ready for this guys?

On September 22nd, at around 11:30 pm Central Standard Time, shortly after Pluto begins direct motion, the Sun moves from Virgo into Libra. This signals the change of the seasons.

Summer into Fall.

Alright, we get one full day of Autumn and then, on the night of the 24th at approximately 1:30 am CST, the New Moon occurs.

Wow!!  With all that’s mentioned above and Mars recently going into Sagittarius,  Wednesday morning is gonna feel so shiny and new.

Lots going on here.  So, let’s start at the center with the Sun—

The Maiden is handing the reigns to Libra, the sign of the Scales.  Libra is Cardinal Masculine Air, ruled by Venus.  His is a world of beauty and debate.  He sees all sides.  He wants to relate.  He wants to appeal and keep the peace.  He uses his intellect to achieve balance and harmony.  He wants to mingle and get to know you, one charming question at a time.

Masculine but ruled by Venus?  Yep, of this sign it is said that female natives are usually a little manly and male natives are somewhat feminine.  Balance, balance, balance.  This is the sign of Marriage and Partnership.  The edges are rounded out and the best is given forward, in hopes it garners relationship.

The 7th sign heralds the Sun’s climb from the bottom/personal hemisphere of the chart to the upper/public hemisphere.  No longer is it only about you and yours, but now the entire scope of humanity begins to draw attention.  The personality has been forged, it is now time to put it to use for the greater good.  Libra marks this shift.

Summer into Fall.  No longer the extreme heat of Summer, the temperature finds a pleasant moderate level.  The Sun’s warmth radiates in the afternoon, as backyard firepits glow in nighttime’s chilly air.  The harvest has all but come to an end, while preparation for Winter reaches an accelerated priority.  The leaves begin their turn—one last colorful sacrifice of beauty before the world goes grey and white.

A leveling is occurring.  The days and nights are of equal length—an Equinox.  Here the Libra Sun asks “If all things are equal, then why not work together?” as opposed to his Cardinal polarity, Aries, who believes “If all things are equal, then why shouldn’t I win?”

Libra is Cardinal, too.  Along with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, he is an Initiator of the Zodiac.  He takes Virgo’s hard work perfecting the mundane out into the social sphere.

Perfection is not something to keep to one’s self, but should be shared, yes?

And Libra is the King of sharing.  Ideas, parties, beauty in all forms flow generously during the weeks ahead. The risk we face at this time, is to become too intent on the other, that we mire ourselves in dysfunctional people-pleasing.  Depth and substance may be, also, forfeited for a light charming, pleasant chat.  This is fine every now and then, but is unfulfilling over time.  Things to bare in mind.  But once Mercury moves to Scorpio on the 27th, our communications will assuredly tract to the profound.

So, after a ravishing first day of Autumn, the Moon then moves to conjunct the Sun at 1° Libra on Wednesday.

What New Moon intentions will the 7th sign honor?

Well, any aim that allows you to bring harmony to your relationships is a top priority.  Anything that increases the beauty, charm, fairness of your life and the lives of those around you.  Anything that enables stimulating social interaction.  Anything that strengthens partnership.  These are the themes to fortify this New Moon cycle.

On the 29th, Venus will join the Sun, adding fuel to the intentions initiated.  Have no doubt, this New Moon is a perspicacious chance to bring balance and harmony to the Libra sector of your chart.

It’s autumnal flux as far as the eye can see.

Pluto changes course, the Sun and Season ingress and by the  end of the week, Mercury and Venus will follow suit.  If you like this time of year, well you are gonna love the next few days.


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