october 1st -10th—an astrological bonfire

So, we got a taste of this action recently on the 25th, yes?

Starting around the 1st, Mars in Sagittarius is moving into orb with Uranus and Leo and IT IS ON!!

This aspect will continue to gain strength until it perfects around the 4th of October, then will last well into the week after.  It is forming the bedrock for a Kite formation with the Sun/Venus/Nodal Axis/Moon/Uranus during October’s Full Moon/Eclipse on the 8th.

And like any grand-Fire-trine should, it’s gonna go out with a bang, folks!

There will be a Yod involving the Moon in Taurus on October 10th, tying up Mars and Jupiter in the mix.

So much action.  You’d think someone lit a match in a gas can!

I will post about the Kite, Lunar Eclipse—all of it separately.  Right now, I want to concentrate on the grand-Fire-trine.

Alright, Fire is the raw primal force of life.  Raw primal.

Nothing happens much without its presence.  It is straightforward power and passion.  It inspires, it motivates.

People who are under the influence of this element are courageous, self-assured and restless.  Theirs is a spirit of child-like creativity and fun.  The ego is big and the ideas are even bigger—the unyielding will to manifestation.

Well, guess what folks?  No matter how much fire you have in your natal, the first half of October is gonna inject a ton of this fiery gold into ALL of our lives.  There will be an atmosphere of quick decisive action, of irrepressible ambition.

Sounds exciting and it has the promise to be.

Along with Leo Jupiter and Aries Uranus, Sagittarius Mars is joining the party.  He is simply, easiestly known as the Planet of Action.  His addition will round out the angular/succedent/cadent house triad of most any grand-trine.  The God of War will close the triangle, locking down the fully functioning Fire dynamic.

Trines and especially Grand-trines have a reputation for inspiring laziness in the natives who possess them.  This aspect is so lucky and easy, natives don’t have to do much to reap the benefits.  And to add insult, all the potential of the dynamic is ofttimes never fully utilized, because ‘hey, why work hard when most things fall in my lap anyway?’  Right?  It can be such a waste.

Well, it’s different for transiting Grand-trines—all of us who weren’t blessed with this natal configuration get to have one for about two weeks coming up!!  Lucky us, it’s going down in Fire—the one element that is best suited to initiate action.

AND this grand-trine is gonna be part of a Kite—given that little tidbit, it will be next to impossible to not use the energy.

AND the Kite formation is part of a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon—Seriously, people, I want to meet the person who will successfully resist the urge to get something—anything started under this energy!!!  You will have the whole solar system to push back against to pull that one off.

If you happen to have natal planets or points on or near the second decan (10° – 20°) of a Fire sign or most notably Libra—pay extra close attention—the Gods of Abundance are blowing you kisses.

Again, to break it down along houses, (remember this works best when you have no intercepted signs & duplicated cusps) if Uranus and Jupiter, respectively are in:

Angular/Succedent Houses:  Mars will be moving through a Cadent House, either your 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th.  These are the mental houses.  In these areas you process and assimilate knowledge, then make preparations to take educated action.

Succedent/Cadent Houses:  Sagittarius Mars is transiting one of your Angular Houses (1/4/7/10).  They are the foundation of the chart.  While, Uranus is bringing keen insight to one of your security houses, Jupiter is providing an abundance of knowledge in a mental house—Mars is going to jump in and demand exertion out in the real world.

Cadent/Angular Houses:  Here Mars is either in the 2nd, 5th, 8th, or 11th—your Succedent Houses.  These are your security houses—financial or social.  It is here we define our values, we deal with money, here we connect with our tribe.

Ok, all good and well, but how does this really work?  Well, think back to your last keg party—think of this grand-Fire-trine as the keg, think of the Kite formation occurring around the Full Moon as the tap.

What use is a full, chilled 160 lb. bright and shiny keg of good, yummy beer gonna do ya without a TAP?

Not much.

Grand-trines are immense potential, but they kinda just sit there.  It’s all trines, yeah?  All easy binds—no tension, no stimulation to get it up and operational.

But that’s where the Kite comes in—it will add the provocation.  The upcoming Eclipse/Full Moon is going to be extraordinary due this reason.

Remember how the guy who finally arrived at the party with the tap was hailed as a hero?

I do.

Please feel free to comment below about what this amazing grand-Fire-trine is doing in your chart.


7 thoughts on “october 1st -10th—an astrological bonfire

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