fast and dirty—I/O/Q triad—a working theory

This whole inconjunct/opposition/quincunx (I/O/Q, for short) triad is a working theory of mine. And I reference it a lot, so I figured I better ‘splain myself a bit.

Here’s some back story:  huh?planetary hand-me-downsexam metaphor, venus example

Ok.  So, why is it so compelling for me?

Well, I love the way the cosmos funnels energy across the charts. You will get the raw materials, one way or another, always. Of course, it is up to you to make it precisely what you need. That’s what I feel is going on here.

The I/O/Q cycle honors the wisdom of the number 3. It focuses on a chronological segment of the zodiac (eg. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) and pumps energy that way from a big kahuna outer planet. It puts our personal, worker bee, planets in the service of the generational outer planets. Cosmic lessons of great magnitude will be available to this area.

Again with the #3. It takes the workings of the angular/cardinal—>successent/fixed—>cadent/mutable cycle and nourishes it from the other side of the chart. A Cardinal house will initiate action, the Succedent will stabilize and maintain, the Cadent house will learn and prepare to again (in the proceeding Cardinal house) take action.

It won’t necessarily be in that order in your chart or maybe it will.  But the point is, it’s a perfect loop of recycling archetypal nuts and bolts.

For example, for the remainder of years Neptune is in Pisces, once a Summer/Fall, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will travel through Leo/Virgo/Libra. They will interact with Neptune and bring Piscean energy to the sector of houses in it’s opposition/quincunx orb.

It begs the question, what does Neptune Pisces have for those three?

How about the lesson that the spotlight can shine on us all sometimes, not just Leo?  How about the lesson that mindless day-dreaming is sometimes a healthy activity that even a Virgo should engage in? How about the lesson that emotions don’t have to be terrifying all the time, dear Libra?

And it will be taught with gentle Piscean whimsy.

Huge.  And only things a wise old-timer like the God of the Sea can provide.

But I digress.

Each I/O/Q combination of signs, houses and modality orders will have its own goldmine to explore.

Tis why they fascinate me so.


6 thoughts on “fast and dirty—I/O/Q triad—a working theory

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