october 3rd—beauty of a day

On  Friday the 3rd, Venus in Libra will inconjunct Pisces Neptune and also, trine the Moon traveling through Aquarius.

splendidnebulaFirst, the inconjunct.

This is the third and final interplay between Aphrodite and the Sea God in their  inconjunct/opposition/quincunx dynamic for the year.  Friday is your make-up test to incorporate the lessons of these two planetary guides.

When Venus and Neptune dance, you are being asked to get in touch with the glamorous side of spirituality.  Neptune is a large outer planet, therefore he acts upon Venus, the faster inner PERSONAL planet.  Venus attracts and Neptune dreams.

During the first quincunx, around the middle of August, Leo Venus (merged with Jupiter) was pulling larger than life aspirations and abundance to the house she was transiting.  Neptune Pisces interjected the quality of sublime devotion to following a path of unearthly luck and promise.

As she went on to oppose the Watery God from Virgo, we were bid to bring an ethereal tenderness to the mundane routine of living.  A divine practicality.

Now from Libra, Venus is drawing to all our relationships Neptune’s ultimate higher expression of beautiful oneness.  Here we have access to the cosmic undercurrent.  The renunciation of separateness.


Combine this with Venus trining the Aquarius Moon—our minds will be set to the task of intellectualizing our emotions.  Searching out reasons why things feel the way they do.  An impossible task for two willing negotiators.  Both clever Air signs, Libra and Aquarius are not exactly comfortable in the emotive sphere—things may feel a little clumsy.

Regardless, the ambiance is uber-feminine, relaxing and affectionate.   It will be an easy-going day of effortless compromise and empathetic charm.  Libra Venus and Aquarius Moon portend a steady, amiable energy flow.  Ideas of the greater good and humanity’s progress are on tap.

And these two looooove to socialize—the fact it’s a Friday is good news.  Get out there and mingle.

It will be beautiful.


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