october 4th—kindling for the bonfire: part 1

This Saturday, October 4th, the grand-Fire-trine perfects, meaning the orbs of  trining Mars, Jupiter and Uranus will be tightest of the whole event.

It is also the day a variety of choice planetary activities occur.

Mercury moved into the 8th sign of Scorpio back on the 27th of September. He has gotten almost through the 2nd degree of the Fixed Water sign, but has slowed and turns retrograde on this day.

Retrograde Mercury inspires anxiety in more than a few astrology buffs.  But not to worry.  He certainly can be managed.  And yes, it is good thinking to expect all manner of glitches in all things mechanical and/or technological, at this time.  It is also not a good time to START new projects necessarily, but instead spend time in reflection.—most importantly, with Scorpio and Libra themed issues.

Such as:

  • How do I communicate my desires and wishes in my most important relationships?   How can I make it better?
  • Do I communicate too intensely to create an intimate bond?  Could I sometimes take it down a notch?
  • Do I keep things too superficial?  Could I risk being more courageous?
  • Am I too geared toward people-pleasing?  Does it get in the way of an authentic exchange?
  • Am I too suspicious for no reason?  Am I too accomodating for no reason?
  • How can I learn to be confident in my ability to make decisions?

See where this is going?

The Messenger of the Gods will be retrograde until the 25th of October.  His journey is from the 2nd degree of Scorpio to the 16th degree of Libra.  He will stay in the shadow of this cycle til the second week of November.  A nice long month to give thought to all things Mercurial.

Next up, the autumnal Sun makes a challenging square aspect to Capricorn Pluto.  Cardinal vs. Cardinal.  Libra initiates for relationship, Capricorn for status.  The Sun is the core, Pluto the purger.  Issues of clearing dead weight from the house occupied by the transiting Sun come to the fore.

Squares demand attention.

The Libra Sun will shine on any trappings that have become out of balance—things that stand in the way of relating effectively. Capricorn Pluto gives great power to the will of the Sun.  It is a good energy to take out the symbolic garbage.

Lastly, Sagittarius Mars does double duty.  While being a leg of the grand-Fire-trine, he also squares Pisces Chiron.  Mutable vs. Mutable. Sagittarius transforms through learning, Pisces through transcendence.  Mars is action, Chiron the wound.

This energy will guide us to assert our truth.  To play the role of student or teacher, given the situation, where a lesson of healing forgiveness is required.  Look to the house Mars is transiting for the clue.

All three events work to add fodder to the current grand-Fire-trine. They combine to flesh out the power of the upcoming Full Moon.

The heavens are thickening in promise.


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