october 6th-8th—part 2: who’s got a lighter?

So much going on up above, it’s kinda ridiculous.

Read part 1: here.

With all the talk of the grand-Fire-trine and the eclipse at the Full Moon, I think it needs to be stressed that the major player in all this business is the Libra Sun.  He will be the focal planet of the Kite formation, he will be on the North Node of the Nodal Axis.  He will be absorbing energy from Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus.  He is ground zero.

Whichever house 15° Libra occupies is YOUR ground zero.


That being said, on Monday the 6th, the Libra Sun will quincunx Chiron in Pisces.  This is the third and final interaction between the two, in their I/O/Q exchange—their make up exam, if you will.

When Chiron and the Sun meet up, it is do or die time for our will to live—a healthy ego expression—meeting life with a solid sense of self-worth or are we fighting a death match for esteem?

The Sun originally inconjuncted Chiron in the first weeks of August, with a lesson to boldly accept our need to feel special.  To understand it is OK to occupy the center of it all, every now and again. As the Sun ingressed to Virgo and opposed Chiron, we were guided to boldly clear a space to be of service to first ourselves, then the collective at large.

Now, is the time of the final quincunx—for the Libra Sun is again within orb of Chiron Pisces. The Maverick asks our intellectual Sun to bring  absolution to relationship. To understand the rude, selfish imperfections of being human. Utilizing our mental acumen to fundamentally perceive the innate beauty of the other as a whole vibrant being. To accept ourselves as worthy of love.

And if this is not enough on charming Libra Sun’s plate, he opposes Uranus Rx in Aries the next day.

What pattern does Libra need to relinquish or at least loosen it’s Cardinal death grip on?

Well, Uranus is also loosely conjunct the South Node and the wisdom here, I believe is one of radical individuality.  Uranus with the Moon (who joins at the Eclipse) at the South Node, is teaching us that the best partners are capable of sometimes going it alone, emotionally if nothing else. Balancing a quintessential human need with the sanity of solitude.  Wherever this is in your chart, this skill will make you a better companion in the end.

And finally, the last of the kindling gathered for the epic party is lovely Libra Venus squaring Capricorn Pluto on the day of the Full Moon. If you remember, when the Lady meets Hades it doesn’t have to be terrible. But this time the square might make it hella overwhelming in more than a couple ways.

The Planet of Karma and Power in hard aspect with the Planet of Love and Beauty. We will get pleasure from the intensity of the evening. We will be captivated by the sexualized upheavel—past romances will be compared with sentiments prevailing today. Past pains will be scrutinized. Ghosts and goblins of lovers past will be lurking in the moonlight.  Don’t let it carry you away.

It’s gonna be a rager, folks.


2 thoughts on “october 6th-8th—part 2: who’s got a lighter?

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