october 7th-12th—giving the fire some backbone

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-042The Kite between the grand-Fire-trine, Sun/Venus/North Node and Uranus/South Node crystallizes on Tuesday, the 7th.  The Sun’s end of the opposition along the Nodal Axis is sextiling Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo.  The Moon is in Aries and well on her way to move into position for the Eclipse on Wednesday—of which I will post seperately.

Kites allow us to access the treasure trove of contained energy in a grand-trine.  This particular event is bringing the immense power of a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse into the frey.

The universe is giving us notice it is time to move forward.

So, in this post, I’m gonna break down the new ingredients that make up the Kite formation.

When a planet or point opposes a leg of a grand-trine triangle you can assume it also sextiles the other two planets in the grand-trine—forming a sharp arrow point. This is what is occurring with the Libra Sun to Jupiter and Mars.

Air and Fire combining.  Both elements need each other—one for longevity, the other for warmth.  The passionate tendencies of emotive Fire heats the cool, sometimes cold, intellect of Air, while Air feeds the fervid embers of Fire with sustained mental stimulation and questioning.

The Sun and Jupiter combine to create a  fortuitous ambiance.  There is a prevalence of optimism and faith.  Jolly comes to mind.  Similarly, when Mars interacts undemandingly with the Sun, there is ample energy typified with spirit and confidence. Fairness, justice and solid moral character flow unhindered.

The Libra Sun will also conjunct the North Node during this event.  This signifies an increase in luck and a invitation to GROW. Libra is the peace-keeper therefore making amends, balancing differences and excusing points of contention to create harmony will be a strong impetus.

The fourth piece to the Kite puzzle is the Sun’s opposition to Uranus, which I wrote about here. This is the spine of the whole dynamic—the Sun/Venus opposing Moon/Uranus along the Nodal Axis.

The Kite’s ‘arrow tip’ is an amalgam of Libra Sun/Venus/North Node.

The Venus/Sun component is what I personally find the most compelling.  Venus is moving to conjunct the Sun later in the day of the 8th, where she will remain conjoined with the Solar King until ingressing into Sagittarius, the middle of November.

I have grappled with this element of the equation for a bit now. I did not know whether to consider her individually, since she has not opposed Uranus and inconjuncted Chiron yet, in her trip through Libra.  But, I have decided, she is close enough to the Sun to be considered combust (within 4°)—so, I will regard her and the Sun one from now on out.

I feel the Goddess of Love adds more potency to the Kite/Eclipse, since she rules Libra.  She gives purity and clarity to the expression of the Libra archetype. She is strong. Combined with the Sun, she and he make a beautifully balanced male/female diad.  Perfect for our Libran work this Full Moon.

To say our relationship to relationship is going to come under joyous scrutiny with this astrological affair is an understatement. I say joyous, for I think it is shaping up to be a pleasant bash, not a torturously, gut wrenching inventory, if say, Pluto or Saturn were to be involved.

No, all the happy guys are tinkering on this one.

What’s taking form for you in regards to this massive assembly of heavenly mojo? Let me know in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “october 7th-12th—giving the fire some backbone

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