october 8th—total lunar eclipse—bloody fire in the sky


Wednesday is this month’s Aries Full Moon.

And oh boy, is it a doozy.

For this post, I have compiled a rabbit hole of links to all things ECLIPSE—astronomy and astrology—as well as a couple points by me, tailored to this particular event.


In the early morning hours of the 8th, we experience a Total Lunar Eclipse creating the second Blood Moon of the year.  Read more here. And here.

If you would like to physically go outside and partake the astronomical loveliness here is a link to help you with that. This site is also a treasure trove of all things solar and lunar.

Alright? Alright.

Eclipses occur when there is a Full or New Moon near the Moon’s Nodes.

Throughout history, eclipses have generally been considered bad omens and more than one ancient civilization saw them as a monstrous animal or demon eating the Moon or Sun before their very eyes.

We, today, still look on them with wonder and most modern astrologers see them as opportunities for growth—the Nodes are about GROWTH, first and foremost, after all.

There is an immense amount of activity going on in this affair, so how ’bout a quick recap:

  • the Libra Sun is conjunct Venus and the North Node
  • the Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus and the South Node
  • the Sun and Moon are opposing one another creating October’s Full Moon
  • this is happening along the Nodal Axis thus a Lunar Eclipse
  • there is also a grand-Fire-trine between Sagittarius Mars, Leo Jupiter and the above mentioned Aries Uranus in the heavens
  • the Libra Sun  is sextiling Mars and Jupiter and opposing Uranus to form a Kite out of the components of the grand-trine

Here is some further back story and also here.

I know, I know, gobs of info!

So, all these ingredients are cooking up one hell of a stew.

Let me go through a few details I haven’t discussed as of yet.

The Nodal Axis is along the Libra/Aries continuum. From the Aries South Node, we are coming from a place of strong individuality, where we answered to no one but ourselves. This is what is instinctual. This is comfortable.

Now we are called to put others first. To regard the other as equal and a necessary participant in decisions and plans. To courageously balance the wants and desires of two parties, not just our own wishes. It is uncharted territory. It is not what comes easy. But by making this a priority, we move forward along our path.

Wednesday’s Eclipse combines the power of Venus conjunct the Sun opposing Uranus conjunct the Moon. Venus and Uranus, together, signify breaking all the rules of relationships, while the Moon in adverse aspect with Venus connotes increased emotional sensitivity.  It serves as a highly erratic but necessary catalyst for awakening in our intimate human bonds.

Lest we forget the grand-Fire-trine and subsequent Kite that is channeling mass amounts of celestial promise. The Moon moves to Aries and trines Mars and Jupiter while conjuncting Uranus.

When Luna is meshed up in the Fire element, she does exactly as she feels. This tendency will be exacerbated by the tendencies of Mars/Jupiter/Uranus—three highly sovereign planets. Don’t let the Fire seduce you into being self-centered and arrogant—remember this all loops back to being a better partner. Balance.

I mentioned in an earlier post that wherever 15° Libra is in your natal chart should be considered ground zero for this party. Here is an excellent article about eclipses falling in specific houses.

OK, people, Wednesday has been simmering for a while now and it is come.

I am gonna sit back and just let the warmth of the Blood Moon magic wash over me.

How far have you come since the New Moon?


2 thoughts on “october 8th—total lunar eclipse—bloody fire in the sky

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