october 10th—mercury drops his knife, for a minute

fairykingtellsallRetrograde Mercury heads back into Libra today, the 10th, where he will spend almost a month redoing some of the activities he began while in the 7th sign in September.

He will be joining with the Sun and Venus to sextile Mars and Jupiter later this month, as well as conjunct the North Node a few days later.

The first time Mercury sextiled Leo Jupiter was a feel good aspect .  This time around, with Mercury’s current retrograde status, Jupiter’s tendency toward expansion may blow up the technical difficulties and communication glitches. We’ll see.

The God of Thieves will also widely oppose Uranus again—here is info from the first time this went down.

When our winged Messenger goes back to visit the North Node, we get an opportunity to double check and recalibrate some of those future ideas we made with the initial conjunction.

No sweat, really.

Retrograde Mercury is all about tweeking to perfection.


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