october 23rd—bathing in burgundy

Thursday, October 23rd at around 5PM, the Sun, Venus and Moon together move into the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio, creating a Partial Solar Eclipse at 0°. This marks the answer to the Total Lunar Eclipse earlier this month.

If you have planets or points at the first degrees of the Water or Fixed signs—yep, pay attention!

Regardless, whichever house this activates will be of special importance at this time.

We have been in a delightfully simmering limbo since the eclipse of 8th of October and now there will be somewhat of a release.

I say ‘somewhat’ for this is a New Moon.  And at this time, we are setting intentions for the Full Moon in two weeks.

So, there will be no cataclysmic eruption of energy, but rather the undulating leap frogging of chronological astrological events that are working to rhythmically nudge us toward our necessary futures. The universe is kindly but sternly showing us the way.

Very well.

What exactly does all this Scorpio energy have to offer us?

Well, Libra was about balance and relationship. Cardinal Air. Intellect and initiation. From Summer into Fall.

Scorpio is extremes, death and sex. Fixed Water. Emotion and perseverance. Autumn fully entrenched.

Planets in Scorpio are heavy and dark. It is not the homey nurturing of Cancer or the gentle peace of Pisces.

No, here Pluto, the God of the Underworld is master and the dregs of life are managed. The underbelly is exposed and forced out into the street to the light of day—but only EVERYONE ELSE’S underbelly.

Let me explain.

Scorpio is a Water sign and with Water there is always a need for protection.

Why, you may ask?

Well, it’s because they (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are so sublimely sensitive, even the slightest blow can eviscerate.  Therefore brick upon brick has been layered to create a wall which allows function in the sometimes terrible, sometimes awful world.  Cancer has her shell, Pisces the ethereal escape and Scorpio has his stinger.

Oh yes, Scorpio is fierce.

And where there resides this magnitude of strength coupled with such a ferocity of sentiment, it is simply too easy to protect one’s self at all costs and lay ruin in your wake. Spilling the lifeblood.

No, Scorpio does NOT show its weakness. Yours are fair game, to exploit or champion, depending. But theirs is off limits.

Remember this and things will go better.

If I am painting an unfair picture, then great!!!

Libra was concerned with fairness, not Scorpio, silly.

Either you are hearty and have prepared properly for the looooonnnnggg upcoming winter or you haven’t. You will make it to Spring or you won’t. The crops are in and the world is dying. Take shelter, if you can. Do or die.


Ok, ok, but how does this effect those of us who are not natally Plutonian?

Emotions will take on exaggerated extremes. Sex and intimacy may take a front seat, where it usually is shied away from. Obsessive suspicion may increase. Lines of loyalty will become crystal clear—instinct toward fidelity will be unquestionably defined. Self-preservation will become effortless, even if this skill is generally out of character.

Although Scorpio is a feminine/passive sign, there is an undoubtedly formidable allure to this sexy powerhouse that screams aggressive.

Venus, the Sun and Moon are all mashed together for the New Moon Eclipse, therefore charm will be off the charts and our inner femme fatale will be on blast!!!

Sultry Venus will remain conjunct the Scorpion Sun for many weeks, so there will be a plethora of Plutonic intensity at our collective disposal.

Alright, time to set in motion what you would like to manifest for this cycle. Remember,  intentions will carry the extremity of the 8th sign—force and power are ours to focus in a desired direction—the eclipse will make them all the more dangerously potent.


3 thoughts on “october 23rd—bathing in burgundy

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