full moon prepatory cascade

From November the 2nd through the 5th, we have a series of events that will be setting up the Scorpio Full Moon on Thursday, the 6th.

First, Venus sextiles Pluto around midnight on the 2nd, giving a sexy vibe to the chilly autumn night.  The extra hour we obtain from Daylight Savings Time may come in uber handy for the weekend’s galavanting.

WB2_0022_She-was-the-Queen-of-them-allThen at dawn that morning, the Pisces Moon will conjunct Chiron and trine the Venus/Sun Scorpio conjunction.

Lots of Water.

The early A.M. will feel loaded with by-gone wounds. Obsessions and traumas may flare.

Or a transformation may come with the rising first light of day—locking the past firmly in the rear mirror.

Regardless, the Moon moves quick and she will be long gone from the scene by sunset.

Remember, this is her monthly waxing harvest of astrological energies that provide archetypal cluster bombs to launch at the Full Moon.

Rolling on—Monday, at noon, the Sun sextiles Capricorn Pluto, while Venus trines Chiron and inconjuncts Uranus.

The Sun and Pluto together mean power. Venus with the Maverick and the Innovator mean brilliant ideas about personal worth.

Coming face to face with the exquisite force of our inner downtrodden weirdo turned valiant champion.

Who and what we are—from where we’ve come and where we’re going—what we’ll continue to carry and what we’ll discard—all are taking form.

The next day, Luna saddles up with Aries Uranus to collect coruscating, albeit erratic, sentiment.

The Moon with Uranus is undependable emotionally. Vacillating between hot and cold—but on no set schedule.

Scorpio and Taurus (the signs of this Full Moon) require precise time tables and unfailing emotional consistency. The threat of this prerequisite lacking will exist and the fall out could play havoc.

On the 5th, Scorpio Venus will tag out with the Sun so he can trine Chiron and quincunx Uranus. Again, issues of self worth and how to gloriously strengthen one’s rebel expression will be at the fore.

Alright folks, here is the stew that is simmering for the Full Moon on Thursday.

Enjoy and don’t forget to set your clocks back!


One thought on “full moon prepatory cascade

  1. […] Whichever house 14º Taurus occupies is where you have the opportunity to shed Luna’s sunlight on the seedling intentions planted on the 8th. To lay to rest any demons Chiron or Pluto unearthed during this very week. […]


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