to have and to hold . . . full moon in taurus

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-012Thursday, November 6th, at around 4:30 PM CST, is the Full Moon.

Since the New Moon Eclipse, we have seen Mars change signs, Mercury turn direct, the Sun and Venus trine Neptune and the Moon gather all manner of power to get to the 14th degree of Taurus.

Ah, Scorpio Sun opposing the Taurus Moon—Fixed Water Ego against Fixed Earth Instinct—2nd House to 8th House . . .

The axis between these two lovelies is symbolic of what you have and what others share with you.

Personal possessions and joint property.

This isn’t just money—nope.

This is loyalty, self-worth, family, secrets, endurance, power, libido, shelter from the storm, obsession, comfort, intimacy, legacy, compulsion, sensuality, persistence, strength of will, passion, determination, sustenance, values, ambition . . .

The salt of the Earth is mined from this polarity.

Fixed signs have the ability to remain while all else withers back to dust. Stamina to see the job to completion. The innate drive to build an empire.

Whichever house 14º Taurus occupies is where you have the opportunity to shed Luna’s sunlight on the seedling intentions planted on the 8th. To lay to rest any demons Chiron or Pluto unearthed during this very week.

To give the  battle call, rally the troops and engage life with the full propriety of resolve and grit.


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