of daggers and thieves

November 8th sees our resident sprinter Mercury again returning to the sign of Scorpio, joining the Sun, Venus and Saturn. He will remain in the Phoenix’ realm until the 27th.

The shift from Libra to Scorpio is palpable. Our circle shrinks—our intelligence is utilized for the survival of our select few.

Suspicions rise and loyalties are calculated. Deep are the musings, when Mercury inhabits the sign of the Scorpion.

The Winged Messenger comes from under the Retrograde Shadow on Monday, the 10th to immediately trine Neptune in Pisces the next day.

Imaginative discourse and unearthly reverie will characterize the two’s interaction, for delicate Pisces lends whimsy to Scorpio’s endearing penchant to the macabre.

Mercury then moves unhindered for the better part of a week until the 17th when he again mingles with the outer planets. He inconjuncts Uranus in Aries, sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and trines Chiron in Pisces.

The God of Thieves has cavorted with Uranus in their I/O/Q cycle (and this makes the final round til next year), as well as trining Chiron back when he sprinted through Virgo. And due to Mercury’s Retrograde to and from Libra, he has opposed Uranus twice.

Regardless, the 17th will be a day that our way of thinking and therefore communicating goes through a radical transformation. Pluto interacting with a planet in Scorpio will make it so, especially from Cardinal Capricorn. The shift may be from way out in left field since Uranus is in the mix, but none the less genius.  And there will be no doubt the impetus will be one of healing past wrongs in the most regenerative, compassionate means possible with Chiron lending his medicine from Pisces.

Our psyches will be burnt down to rise again, possibly in one short day!

This is all build up to Mercury’s main event of this trip through Scorpio—his conjunction with Saturn that perfects on November 25th. Oh, so shortly before he leaves the 8th sign to Sagittarius for good.

Hermes with Father Time is serious as a wet blanket. But magnificent things come from the discipline and patience bestowed to this pairing. We will have to consciously fight the tendency towards childish melancholy and choose to mature our thoughts toward the sustainable long term goal.

The house in your natal occupied by this event will be the source of much thought. You will have a need to communicate what is right and what is wrong with this area of your life.

For example, this conjuction will be in my 2nd House. My attitude toward finances and values paired with my attitude toward myself and how I think and thus speak about my self-worth will be at the fore. I can report that the whole transit of Saturn to my 2nd H has been a study in my on-going education about and subsequent championing of requiring the minimum wage be a living wage. I believe it should be law that a person walks through the door on their first day of work making a wage they can thrive on.

All basic Saturn in the 2nd house themes.

Mercury conjuncting the God of Agriculture (yes, Saturn rules this, too!!) will further bring this issue to the spotlight in center stage for me. I will be able to think of nothing else, I predict.

And wherever this pairing occurs for you, will surely produce similar results depending on the subject of the House in question.

Alright, the three short weeks the Mercurial God spends in the watery depths of Scorpio will go fast. It will be intense. Our tongues, minds and hearts will be left scorched from the Plutonian powers of truth  and fortitude.

But with Scorpio, the pain is always well worth it.


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