the goat continues his ascent . . .

The-Knight--Death-And-The-DevilOn the day Mercury passes the Shadow degree of Scorpio, Capricorn Mars also perfects his conjunction with Pluto.

Those of us with any planets or points at the 11th degree of a Cardinal or Earth sign will feel the effects the mightiest.

Wow. At the moment, the skies are brimming with Scorpio energy!

Sun, Venus, Saturn and direct moving Mercury all occupy the sign. The former two are squaring Jupiter from Leo, which means the expansion of Solar and Venusian Scoprionic themes, while the latter pair are getting ready to conjunct on the 25th.

So, the Warrior melding with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, further adds to the Fixed Water motley crew of the current heavens.

When these two gentlemen meet,  it is a synthesis of the God of War with the God of the Underworld.


Only to be nuanced by taking place in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn.

What does all this possibly mean?

Well, Mars with Pluto means POWER!!!

Physical, psychological, sexual POWER.

This is an excellent transit to initiate projects. Our sense of determination and endurance will be off the charts. We will effortlessly be attuned to underlying power dynamics in any given situation, and can utilize this knowledge to further our plans. Strategy becomes paramount. Physically, we will have the ability to work and work and work.  Obsessively, if need be.

Capricorn is the planner of the zodiac and with the drive of Mars, coupled with the stamina of Pluto, any activities undertaken at this time will seem unstoppable. We will uncompromisingly forge ahead and refuse to settle for superficial proclivities at this time.

Even projects that have thus dyed in the water (ha!) will have the potential to resurrect under this influence. Pluto is rising from the ashes and Mars lends the muscle. Go on, and make it so!

One note of caution: there is a tendency for Pluto conjunct Mars to self-destruct when all the immense latent vitality is not put to use evolving into our higher selves. This could simply manifest as an emotional meltdown of the nuclear persuasion. Take the high road.

Then on Thursday the 13th, the Goat squares Aries Uranus and sextiles Pisces Chiron.

Capricorn interacting with Aries is more initiating energy. Squares are tense, so the feeling will be one of irritation to get the ball rolling in whatever area this effects your life.  Look to the 13º of Cardinal signs for the answer.

Yes, it will be aggravating but the simultaneous sextile with Chiron in Pisces will add illumination to the best possible way to use this configuration. Whatever behaviors need adjustment will become apparent at this time. Mars’ exchange with Pluto earlier in the week will give impetus to ferreting out the underlying motivations and intentions to whatever is causing the ‘wound’.

All this goes down within days of Venus/Sun conjuncting Saturn in Scorpio.

Not an easy week, but all the tools are available to come out ahead.

Precisely what Capricorn and Scorpio intend to do!!


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