why so serious?—sun/venus/saturn conjunct—november 12th – 18th

Currently in the skies, Venus and the Sun are about 4º apart.The-Dragon-with-Seven-Heads

The two were cazimi on the 24th of October, and then the Goddess of Love overtook the Sun shortly before Halloween, although she remains combust at the moment.

On November the 12th, Aphrodite will conjunct Father Time at 25º of Scorpio.  Then on the 18th, the Sun will follow suit while Venus makes her move into gregarious Sagittarius.

The most dramatic day of this week long event will be Friday the 14th, where Venus/Saturn/Sun (all within 5º) will square the Moon and Jupiter in Leo.

If you are in possession of planets or points amongst the last decan of the Fixed signs, especially Scorpio and Leo, this will be a powerful few days for you.

Saturn doesn’t have a very fun reputation, despite ironically being the Planet of Status. Whenever he interacts, there is a sense of melancholy. The innate understanding that summer ALWAYS turns into middle-of-January-winter. Delving into the unhappier side of things is not a task the Task Master of the zodiac shies from and he demands you tag along when he hooks up with your chart.

Saturn also rules fear. What are you most afraid of in the whole wide world? A look to where the Lord of Karma resides in your natal will give a clue, fo’ sho’.

Saturn is not a planet to be trifled with and, for that matter, neither is Scorpio. The Great Teacher’s travels through the 8th sign have been a study in showing us the bare truth of choosing emotional minimalism and the necessity of keeping it simple, for the complexities could eat us alive.

So, in the next coming days, gentle Venus and radiant Sol will dance with the Devil (yes, he co-owns this moniker with Pluto).

What shall this mean for the general atmosphere?

Well, it will simply be a serious time. Tackling the not-so-fun aspects of life will rise to the forefront. All those pesky little things that have been fermenting in the backs of our minds, now will be demanding our utmost attention. A sense of urgency will fall upon us.

Venus is value and self-worth; the Sun, the ego and core personality—it will be along these lines that the fear develops. Wherever these 3 are meeting in your chart is where the ‘seriousness’ will need to be addressed. To be honest, it may just scare you shitless if you DON’T do something in the personal area of this conjunction.

Remember, even a little something will suffice.

So, as the conjunction squares the Moon and Leo on the 14th, our emotional needs will be piled on.  Jupiter expands whatever it contacts—his addition just means the whole affair just may get blown way out of proportion. Or we could use his jovial talents to work merrily at relieving whatever fear Saturn is uncovering.

These things always have a positive or a negative path.


For example, this event is occurring in my 2nd House. More of the value and self-worth themes for me. Much more!

Saturn’s entire trip here has been a personal, all encompassing inventory about WORTH.

What my labor is worth; what worth does my future need to hold for happy satisfaction; what worth is my writing; my actions; my lifestyle; my choices—all of it is under a heavy Saturnine vetting.

Jupiter is currently in my 11th conjuncting my natal Leo Moon, so this square will explode the examination of the worth of my ideas, emotional instincts, friendships and humanitarian efforts—all 11th House affairs.

Am I passing muster?

Similarly, each house has it’s own lessons to pass or fail from the Great Teacher.

And don’t let the fear scare you—claim it!

Use it to manifest a deep honest acceptance of whatever Saturn requires of you.


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