just a lady with perfect aim

ladywaterfallOn November 16th, Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Our lovely Goddess will remain here until the 10th of December.

Alright, the Planet of Love has been intertwined with the Sun for weeks now. When she steps across the cusp from the 8th to the 9th sign of the Archer, I will consider them ‘unconjunct’.

While in Scorpio, Venus was dark and sultry. Emotions ran high and the stakes ran higher.

But now she moves to the sign of the Archer and things are going to get a little more chipper!


Sagittarius is ruled by jolly Jupiter and Lady Love here is all about variety and adventure.

When Venus moves through a certain sector of your chart, she pulls the energy of the theme of that sign and to the house she resides during the transit—personalizing the whole affair for each of us.

Depending, expect an increased need to be social, to joke and laugh, to philosophize and seek knowledge.

Wanting to break out and explore will become the inclination. Requiring the freedom to experience life to its fullest becomes a necessity.

Sagittarius Venus is an active Lady—she suffers if penned in too long.

Her sigil is the Archer. She roams the land, hunting down the next fun escapade. She thrives on stalking a menagerie of encounters which to enrich her playbook full of wisdom and know-how.

Venus here is FUN! And she insists that any partner of hers will be, too.

Collectively, our moods will lift and we will begin to seek out the humor in the every day.

Yes, things will be a little brighter during this sojourn.  By the 20th, the Lady will trine Neptune in Pisces at the 4th degree.

This will be a phenomenal couple days for imaginative jet-setting—even if you remain in your little familiar hometown stomping ground.  Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus and this free flow of mutable energy, makes the mundane all shiny and aglow.

Should lend a hand to making all the activity which surrounds the Thanksgiving preparation a bit smoother on us all!


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