the universe bids you to have some FUN!


At almost precisely 6:30 AM CST, on Saturday, November the 22nd, the Sun perfects his conjunction with the Moon, shortly after moving from Scorpio to the 9th sign of Sagittarius.

While most of us slumber, he passes over the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp to immediately start a new Lunar month at sunrise, at 0º.

The very next day, the asteroid Chiron in Pisces turns direct at about 5:45 PM in the evening!!

Folks, this is a crap ton of Mutable energy swirling about the Heavens.

Flexible, adaptable, malleable!!!

What exactly does the Archer and the Fishes have to offer us?

Let’s see .  . .

The zero degree of any sign is considered a potent position for an astrological placement to occur. A New Moon here is special.

So, then what are the themes and necessities of a Sun and Moon in Sagittarius bearing in mind this notable orientation?

Well, this is Mutable Fire we are dealing with.

Versatile, instinctive, adventurous, vital—-FUN!!

Whichever house this New Moon is, you should plan on providing yourself with a little amusing entertainment of the educational variety.  Always hungry for knowledge those Sagittarians!

Sagittarius requires constant learning—forever keeping it interesting. Seeking the hero’s quest, one new discovery at a time.

Say this New Moon is in your 1st House—appearance, body, identity. Something as fun and silly as learning a new makeup technique will satisfy the Archer.

Or say you have Sadge on the 5th House cusp—experimenting with a new artistic medium for your creative hobby—acrylics, found objects—god, who knows where THAT could end up!!

Just the little things that make it all fresh and new—a constant reinvention. Rolling with the punches to see where the end of the day takes you.

If this Moon is in the more emotional of areas for you, then perhaps starting a dream journal and researching what all those nocturnal symbols could mean—totally exciting for the 8th or 12th House Archer cusp.

Now, let’s incorporate what Chiron Direct means for this New Moon cycle. The Maverick is our wound that never heals. We become adept at bringing healing to others around the subject of this wound, but we ourselves never fully recover from the initial blow.

This raises the stakes in as much as now the adventure must TEACH you something MEANINGFUL. Chiron is going to move forward—no longer the introspective licking of wounds. The trajectory will be pointed outward.  Piscean compassion and absolution will be experienced as a giving to others—a sacrifice freely bestowed.

This energy shift will color our New Moon experience. Set the intention to learn now and then by the Gemini Full Moon on the 6th of December, you will be ready to give away your new found mastery with chatty enthusiasm. Quite possibly the student could become the teacher or at least the messenger.

Sagittarius/Gemini polarity at its finest!

The New Moon gets the Archer’s season started with a bang!

Then the remaining weeks will surely be filled with holiday planning, delicious food, first snows, bundling up, hot cider and on and on and on. It truly is a highlight of the year—jolly Jupiter infecting us all with his gregarious need for laughter and good times.



4 thoughts on “the universe bids you to have some FUN!

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