november 24th—the goat takes a pit stop

Tomorrow, November 24th, Mars exacts the first inconjunct of his I/O/Q cycle with Jupiter in Leo.

View-of-ArcoThis is our first opportunity to draw jovial Lion energy to the three signs in the heavens opposite Leo—Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. And an individual chance for us each to pull Leo strengths to the houses affected by these Martian transits.


A quincunx isn’t easy to operate—you have to think and consciously implement any revelations that pop up. But the potential is there in spades.

Traditionally with this pairing, well, Capricorn doesn’t have much in common with Leo, with the exception of the two’s penchant for wanting to be on top!

And that is just enough of a connection to get the wheels turning.

So, let’s see what the themes we are playing with look like up close and personal . . .

Mars, the planet of desire and assertiveness is moving through Capricorn, the sign of reputation and tradition.  Here he can get far too worried about the status quo and not see the forest for the trees. Earth signs want to build but sometimes they get bogged down in their own cement swamps.

Utilizing the positive attributes of Jupiter, the King of Planets, can refresh the Goat’s capability of forging a lasting legacy through philosophical veracity. The Lion’s innate talent of meeting life with the exuberance and magnanimity of creative fire can bolster the weary Goat on his schlep up the steep cold mountain.

Call it an 11th hour refueling.

A pit stop to recharge the Warrior’s stores of truth, resolve and regal bearing. If any plans or strategies need to be mended or scraped all together, here is the chance to make an adequate exchange for the better.

And who knows, all that is needed may simply be a minute adjustment in perspective that only Leo sunshine can affect.


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