the pupil and the professor

So, Tuesday, November 25th, is the day that dear Mercury bumps smack into Scorpio Saturn.

Vintage-Black-and-White-Clipart-009The image in my mind is the distracted awkward freshman with the untapped intellectual goldmine lurking below his immature, social ineptitude, who finds himself in the professor-from-hell’s 8AM class that first, innocent, Fall semester.

The professor is soooooo damn intimidating and scary. The rigors of the syllabus jump from the page in a fit of ‘roided-out rage.

Why even bother dragging your sorry ass out of bed, when the ‘smart’ thing is to drop the course anyway?

But there is something magnetic about the old man’s way of being.  How the wisdom oozes from his aura. How the twinkling eyes promise a Pandora’s plethera of knowledge.

Something motivates to carry on.

There is always the danger of depressive ideation when Mercury flies under the rings of Saturn, but that is merely the worst possible outlook. The bright side is the pay off of hard work and sacrifice.

Saturn is the old man that knows what he’s talking about and knows how to get the goods.

You have to listen and then follow through.


There is no other way.


One thought on “the pupil and the professor

  1. Lol, I am feeling this already… thanks for the insight!

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