it may get a little squirrelly

So, the holiday is tomorrow. We will have quite the cosmic accompaniment for our affairs this year.

hs-2004-45-a-small_webI will give a brief rundown of what they are and then leave everyone to their chosen activities.

Shall we?

The Sun and Venus are both in Sagittarius. And late, late tomorrow, Mercury enters the sign, as well.

Repeat: jovial fire; jovial fire; jovial fire; jovial fire . . .

From Pisces, Neptune will square the Star of our solar system and Chiron will likewise square the Lady of Love.

Fire and Water mix astrologically to heighten the emotions of all involved. Squares mean we won’t really be able to ignore the tugging of heart strings despite any valiant attempts.

Meanwhile, Archer Aphrodite is also trining Uranus in Aries—double Fire! While our resident Lord of the Underworld squares him from Capricorn.

Lots of Water and Fire swirling about with just enough Earth to hopefully keep reality lurking in the background.

And what about the Moon, you may ask?

Well, she is rationalizing all the action from the Water Bearer sign, Aquarius. Not the most comfortable position for Luna, for here she tends to shut down when the feels get too intense.

Every planet/element this Thursday seems to be serving double duty, especially our independent Aquarian Moon.

Throughout the next couple days, she will be sextiling all the planets both in Sagittarius and Pisces, all while opposing Jupiter in Leo.

Yep, she will be forming a Kite with many of the above players!

The sign Aquarius and his ruler Uranus are eccentrically unconventional.  Comfort is often gained through shocking honesty and downright strange behavior.

Yep, things may just get pretty weird, folks.

The Aquarian house in your chart and its related themes will be the impact sight of all the weekends festivities, for good or bad.

But, hold on, Capricorn Pluto is also finally coming close to an exact sextile with the recently forward moving Piscean Maverick.

All this compassionate Pisces involvement softens the rush to condemnation and promises forgiveness.

All the better, yes?

If the emotive end of the spectrum is your thing then, you simply won’t get why some are so paralyzed with all the ‘demonstrations’.

And if you land on the opposite end, well, use all that Airy quick wit available to plot a timely departure.

Have a safe holiday, people.


One thought on “it may get a little squirrelly

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