nov. 28th – dec. 17th—thinking plump and happy

Our winged Messenger crossed into Sagittarius country late on Thanksgiving night.

Maud-Humphrey-Vintage-Children-002Today, he is squaring Neptune in Pisces, and we all may feel a bit overwhelmed mentally. Or maybe, hopefully, that’s just me.

Again, hopefully this isn’t interfering in any travel plans for returning home. If it is, then I wish you the best of luck with your return. Dear Neptune never provides the most direct route.


For his remainder in Sagittarius—what is it like for Mercury, the Planet of Communication and Thinking to be traveling through the 9th sign?

Well, we will be susceptible to overindulgence.  Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius, is the God of expansion. Whatever we pick up now to play with will most likely get blown out of proportion.

Maybe good, maybe bad. Totally depends.

I’m aiming (get it?) for good!

Sagittarius is very active and very intent on the truth of things. Positive and fiery.

Why is this time of year always characterized with wanting to provide happiness to all concerned, why is there so much force towards good will and peace on earth—well, simply because it’s Jupiter’s season.

Gregarious, jolly, plump. Sound like a certain Mr. Santa Claus?

Oh, yes.

Currently, we have Sun and Venus and now Mercury in this sign. The heavens are brimming with jovial fire.

It truly is an affirming time to go out and find the heart’s content.

And it only gets better from here.

On the Full Moon, our God of Thieves conjuncts the Sun during Sol’s monthly opposition with the Moon, while simultaneously, squaring Chiron and trining Uranus. (More to come on all that.)

This conjunction adds to the purity of the over-all event—our ego in line with our thoughts and words.

Then, on December 12th, Mercury, still under the beams of the Sun, trines Jupiter in Leo. Fire + fire . . .

Well, whether we prescribe to modern Western festivities or no, the spirit of the times implores us to give of ourselves, laughing hearty from the belly and find comfort in the effort of the moment.

It really is simply nice—this time of year.

Our minds naturally rise upward. And frankly that is a godsend. Up and not intrinsically down. So nice.

We want to be active. We want to be out seeking the adventure. We want to be generous with our time, money, humor.

Mercury then ingresses to the somber sign of Capricorn on December the 17th, but regardless—such a positive build-up to the Equinox holiday.

I would bid you ‘have fun,’ but I’d like to think that a no-brainer.


3 thoughts on “nov. 28th – dec. 17th—thinking plump and happy

  1. […] Mercury is also conjunct the Sun, and the two will square Pisces Chiron and trine Aries Uranus. […]


  2. […] Mercury is also conjunct the Sun. The two will square Pisces Chiron and trine Aries Uranus. […]


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