december 5th—our ‘get up and go’ gets rebellious

On Friday, December 5th, Mars will ingress into the 11th sign of Aquarius just in time for the Full Moon on the next night.

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-002Moving from a Cardinal to a Fixed sign.

Earth to Air.

The eleventh sign simply takes what the tenth sign began and molds it into sustainable brilliance. Projects initiated under Capricorn’s influence will now find truer stability under the Water-Bearer.

Our get up and go will be characterized by the unconventional rationale of Uranus. The more non-conformist a plan can be, the better.  The more of a humanitarian bent, the better.

Not only is this a Fixed sign—dependable and steadfast—but an Air sign, as well.

Think the mad professor that saves the day at the very last minute. Intellectual mastermind albeit scattered, but that’s merely the genius swirling about, ripe for the plucking.

We want to save the world!! With lightning bolts and science.

So, from now until nearly the middle of January, we get to don our do-gooder caps and work outrageous schemes.

Mars in your Aquarius house will light a quirky fire under your butt and it’s gonna show in that area of life.

Yep, the God of War’s tenure here will be interesting. Not until the 20th will he make a major aspect with any planet, save for the Moon goosing him periodically on her way round the circle.

That’s 2 full weeks unhindered.

Two blessed weeks of independence for a planet in a sign that revels in rebellious individuality!!!


And when he does finally interact it will be with his Water-Bearing ruler, Uranus.


Precisely how Aquarius rolls.


4 thoughts on “december 5th—our ‘get up and go’ gets rebellious

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