december 6th—full moon schoolin’ swap meet


Around 7:30 AM EST, tomorrow, December 6th, the Sagittarius Sun opposes Luna for the Gemini Full Moon at 14º.

Mercury is also conjunct the Sun. The two will square Pisces Chiron and trine Aries Uranus.

Watery Fireworks dumped at the feet of a scattered Gemini Moon.

Uh oh. Uncomfortable.

All this emotional drama gushing at the Air signs, as of late. It’s more than some EVER want to handle.

And it is amazing to me how much play Chiron and Uranus have gotten in so many major events since I started this blog this past Summer.


By now, we should all be masters at effortlessly soothing our weary psyches as our deepest scars repeatedly surface, quickly and brilliantly to boot!

Ha! Oh, to be so lucky.

Speaking of painful wounds, this month’s Full Moon will  also incorporate an inconjunct from Capricorn Pluto to the Gemini Moon. This adds the faint feeling of jeopardy to the day—danger to our very security just below the surface.

I am working on a post concerning the long, long, long dance of Pluto, Chiron and Uranus during their sojourns through Capricorn, Pisces and Aries, respectively.

But I digress . . .

Both Mutable/Cadent signs, the Sagittarius/Gemini axis is one of communication and learning. This Lunar cycle, we are called to be the teacher OR the student, whichever hat best fits at this particular time.

The giving or receiving of information.

Education exchange.  With particular emphasis on the role reversal.

Gemini is master of the day-to-day; Sagittarius rules the long journey, the quest.

A masculine Air/Fire axis, the last couple and next few days will be characterized by wanting to get things done, wrap up projects, get ALL the errands ran.

Cadent signs are learning sponges and must incorporate this knowledge with the intention of being fully prepared to start afresh once things naturally progress to the Angular.

Ideas are consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks in between!

Keep in mind, Mercury, the Messenger God, is ruler of Gemini, and his conjunction with the Sun—intertwining the ego and the mind, simply strengthens tenfold whatever messages conveyed.

As mentioned above, Pisces Chiron signals old hurts and how to heal, Aries Uranus will give brilliance or insanity, and Capricorn Pluto builds up or totally annihilates, depending.

Alright. Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces are all accounted for with this one—forming a t-square, actually.  Sooooo, if you have planets/points around the 14º of Virgo, guess what?


Your ass is getting lit on fire. Yay!

Well, if there’s one thing Mutable energy allows us all to do, it’s ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES.

With this season of snow storms and holiday prep and family and life . . . jovial fire, jovial fire, jovial fire!

Happy Full Moon, everyone.


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