december 14th—uranus square pluto—thorn in your side

Well, in the Heavens, as many of you probably already know, a battle is raging between Pluto and Uranus.

Voyager_Uranus_732X520Since 2012, there have been 5 exact squares and today, December 14th, the 6th will occur, with the final going down next Spring.

Pluto has recently gone direct and is interacting with Uranus Rx this time at 12º 35′ Capricorn and Aries, respectively.

When all is said and done, from the 6th degree to the 15th of Cardinal Fire and Earth, a metamorphosis of monumental proportion will have transpired.

For the last few years, nationally and globally, stargazers have been speculating beforehand, then reporting on afterwards, the mundane, explosive, effects of this dynamic.

There has also been quite an analysis of the the past conjunction between these two leviathans back in 1965/1966. And here is an excellent article comparing the waxing/waning cycles of Pluto/Capricorn throughout the last centuries and into this one.

As for the current square, I personally like this take. And here is another. And yet, another.

Yes, yes, much has been said about it all.

But you know what, I feel an important nuance has been overlooked and I would like to highlight it, now.

First, I must admit I don’t read what other astrologers say about the topic I am currently writing on to preserve my own perspective. BUT this drama has been going on for almost 3 years now, so I have read an article or two on it.

To the letter, the focus is solely on Uranus and Pluto proper, so when I sat down to research this next square perfection, I was surprised to notice that blessed Pisces Chiron sextiles Pluto and semi-sextiles Uranus in ALL seven of the events.

The shape this configuration forms looks like a thorn; a thorn with Pluto at the tip—ALL energy flows to him.


(Actually, two ‘thorns’ are formed in the above chart—one among Chiron/Uranus/Pluto and the other at the top among Jupiter Rx/Virgo Moon/Saturn—Saturn is the tip in that one).

Therefore, it is my humble opinion that this latest cycle between these two Outer Planet Titans has been all about the house Pluto is transiting in your chart and NOT about the square itself.

I do realize many astrologers won’t pay attention to Chiron or give him the consideration that maybe I am. And puny semi-sextiles are often neglected.

Regardless, for whatever reason, the Maverick’s orbit is locked into this dance between the Innovator and the Transformer and it was simply too consistent to ignore.

Uranus, with the help of Chiron (and Venus—I’ll explain shortly) is merely aiding the God of the Underworld in a fundamental transformation of Plutonian scale in a very specific part of your life.

Chiron offers healing and is the solar system’s go-to catalyst to move beyond the pain and turmoil.  In all seven squares, Chiron has been available to you to soften the radical self-inventory of transiting Aries Uranus and funnel some profound self-acceptance to Capricorn Pluto as he annihilates then rebuilds.

Working the gifts of Hades has been the release valve the whole time!

I have not gone back to double check previous interactions to see if the Maverick was involved in those, as well.  And anyway, I figure I will stick to the general practice of not reading a celestial body’s influence into situations for dates before the date of said body’s discovery.  So in Chiron’s case, before 1977.

As I mentioned earlier, I noticed that Venus also has had her part to play in all but the final Pluto/Uranus square, whether conjuncting Pluto (twice!) or Chiron or trining Uranus or aspecting all three at once.

Aphrodite brings issues of value, beauty and love into play.

How has Pluto transformed these ideals in your life?

Ponder this, for the Goddess of Love again conjuncts Capricorn Pluto as part of this year’s Soltisce/New Moon a week from today on the 21st.

Ok, there you have it.



3 thoughts on “december 14th—uranus square pluto—thorn in your side

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