december 20th—solstice eve 2014: part 2

So, Mars moved into Aquarius on the 5th. But our dear Warrior has not contacted another planet (except the ever moving Moon) in major aspect since sextiling Saturn from Capricorn on December 1st.

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-037Twenty days!! That’s a long time, people.

Well, all of that is about to change and in a radical kinda way!!

This is Part 2 of my series on the build up to this year’s Winter Solstice, that is also the Capricorn New Moon, going down this Sunday, the 21st.

You can catch up with Part 1 right here, where I discussed Mercury, Neptune and Saturn’s status for the weekend.

Ok, so the God of War has been a lone wolf for almost 3 weeks, save an occasional visit from Luna.

On the  20th, all that changes.

Our resident Warrior will sextile his sign’s ruler, Aries Uranus Rx, and also the Sagittarius Moon, while simultaneously semi-sextiling the Pluto/Venus conjunction in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces.

Lots of easy-peasy, positive interaction1

And yes, this firmly plants Mars in the Pluto/Uranus Square blazing through the skies for a big chunk of December.

It all goes down around the 12º.

So, if you have any planets/points anywhere on this degree, you are front and center for these events!

I recently wrote about Chiron’s contribution to the Uranus/Pluto Square, where through a sextile and semi-sextile, he funnels the bulk of energy of the challenging aspect to Pluto.  I called the configuration a thorn.

Well, our innovative Hero is himself the catalyst in 2 mores thorns occurring on Saturday:

  1. Mars semi-sextiling Venus/Pluto squaring Uranus, this time at the tip
  2. Mars semi-sextiling Chiron who squares the Sagittarius Moon at the tip

Ok, so I made the term ‘thorn’ up as a description, when writing my post from a few days back.

Why?  Well, honestly, because it looks like a thorn to me.

But I believe the addition of sextile and semi-sextile enthusiasm serves two purposes. First, it softens the tension of the square and second, they deem one end the clear recipient of the lion’s share of the mojo. Think of it as a tie breaker in a heated game of tug-of-war.

As for the first thorn listed above—Mars simply gives Uranus the status Chiron gave Pluto—being the tip—balancing the power of each end of the square.

Only this time, where the Maverick takes Uranian genius and bestows healing and forgiveness to Hades, the God of War takes Pluto’s determination and focus and gifts Uranus strength and drive.

And don’t let me forget the Capricorn conjunction of Pluto and Venus, therefore add grace and maturity to the presents given the Planet of Rebellion.

Alright? Alright.

Tomorrow, I’ll breakdown the second thorn above, as well as the Moon and Venus’ roles in the remaining 2 thorns (there are 4 total!), in Part 3.


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