the longest night—december 21st

Sunday, at approximately 6:05 PM EST, the Sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, signaling the Winter Solstice.

Then, around 8:30 PM EST, Luna joins to exact their New Moon conjunction at 0º.

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-042The shift from Autumn to Winter is conjoined with the pitch black point of the month, where intention barely begins to muster up its ultimate potential.

Quiet. Serene.

Since the Virgo Sun ingress this Summer, the New Moons  have fallen on or dangerously close to .

The purest of freshest starts.

Tomorrow’s event is no different.

Alright. So, first, I will discuss the high jinks of lovely Sagittarius/Capricorn Moon, then update the Uranus/Pluto Square and finally get on to the changing of the Season.


Our delightful alluring Lady has grown dark—adding powerful stillness to the longest night of the year.

Come Monday morning, we get a full throttle jump into all that is Capricorn.

Feeling, communicating and creativity are not at the top of the list. No, that spot is reserved for hard work and dedication. Practical application of a well designed plan is the holy grail for the Goat.

Though the Moon is not very comfortable here, with the stifled feels and all, she has the 10th sign’s penchant for hard work down pat. Yep, Luna will be mighty busy today, making the rounds.

Good thing too, because Cappy, the Builder, aims BIG. He is the Father archetype. His vision is precise. Think legacies and accomplishments stretching through generations.

The Goat yearns for a challenge. His world wouldn’t spin without one. The more difficult the better.

In the coming weeks, you will have the backing of the shrewdest business man in the Heavens. Set your New Moon intentions tomorrow with this in mind.

As hinted above, Luna met with ALL the remaining celestial bodies before joining the Sun, including dear Uranus Rx—who turns direct at approximately 5:45 PM EST !

This means both he and his square dance partner, Pluto, are forward moving for the whole New Moon/Solstice bash.

Uranus and Pluto’s work on our  inner selves is over for the time being—transforming brilliance can now be used more easily in the happenings outside ourselves. These two are powerful Titans—we will notice the shift.

When I said full throttle, I meant it.

So, this leaves us just one more thing to discuss . . .

Winter is here.

Yes, the Solstice is upon us. The longest night of the year.

For the last couple, things may have felt a bit somber, especially for a fire sign such as Sagittarius. And well yes, the dear Sun has spent most of the final week of Sadge season locked in semi-sextile with Scorpio Saturn at the anaretic 29th degree. Things have definitely been prematurely earnest.

Remember that this is it—the worst. Monday WILL have more sunshine than Sunday. The days only get longer from here on out. Everything is on the up and up.

But normally, oh, what a study in the fundamental difference between Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, and Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, this time of year proves.

Jupiter, with the huge expansive abundance of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year’s Eve, writes so many checks, that responsible penny-pinching Saturn has to then cash.

It’s like Christmas Day is Sagittarius simply NOT letting go of center stage. But all these warm generous plans have been made and there is NO WAY IN HELL status conscious Capricorn is going to lose face and break so many engagements.

Ha! No.

Then we all fall  head over ass in a frantic attempt to get ourselves back under control with New Year’s resolutions—dieting and exercise—naturally, all at the peak of Capricorn’s tenure.

Or I could spin it the other way with mention that the poor Archer, Sagittarius, never even gets to see all the fabulous parties he’s planned for us to combat the chilly temps and woefully short days.

Happens every year.

Ah well. Life is not fair.

Capricorn, of all the zodiac’s players (with the exception of Scorpio), fully knows this life lesson.

January is a tough month. All the parties will soon be over and nothing will face us ‘cept the cold hard wind of winter.

Yet, the goat continues his climb. Perseverance is his life’s blood. Up and up—never turning back. The purpose driven ascent. The journey is all and everything. One foot in front of the other.

This is the magic offered us with the changing of Autumn into Winter. We are given the chance to embody the steadfast determination of the 10th sign.

To go quietly about our ambitions. No fuss, no muss. To win the adoration of time and disciplined hard work. To be the solitary soul who has reached the pinnacle when the dust ultimately settles.

Just the goal in the crosshairs.

Trudging ever forward, to meet its victory.

Happy Solstice, everyone.


ETA: This morning, a friend posted this on FB and it goes along nicely. Enjoy.

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