2014 christmas week review

Well, I sincerely hope everyone had a magnificent Holiday.

Vintage-Old-Book-Illustration-016The weather here in the panhandle coupled with the festivities prevented me from posting, so now I’m just gonna give a brief recap of the energies of last week.

Needless to say, the big story is Saturn’s ingress from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 23rd.


I will post separately about that later today.

But Saturn was, of course, not the only happenings in the Heavens.

Right off the heals of the Solstice/New Moon, Capricorn Venus/Moon conjoined and squared the Libra/Aries Nodal axis, Monday, the 22nd. Putting the final touches on gifts and decorations, while bookmarking bright ideas for next year added it’s own sense of accomplishment to 2014’s go-round.

By Christmas Eve, Capricorn Mercury had sidled up with Pluto, thus becoming a transient player in the infamous square with newly direct Aries Uranus. We either went subtly about our plans OR we forced our way—I hope whichever was what was necessary for you.

Then yesterday, the Sun sextiled Neptune in Pisces, while the Pisces Moon and Capricorn Venus again joined forces to create a Yod pointing toward Jupiter Rx in Leo.

At best, these dynamics created a wonderful atmosphere of cheerful contemplation. The subdued, gregarious spirit of Retrograde Jupiter internalizing the time tested traditions of the Goat coupled with the tender, patient wisdom of the Fishes.

Not too shabby.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

On to New Year’s!!



One thought on “2014 christmas week review

  1. […] Venus began her cycle with the King of Planets last week that was muddled by a Finger of God aspect with the Pisces […]


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