aquarius mars opposite leo jupiter—new year’s eve

Well, folks, New Year’s Eve coincides with the Leo Jupiter Rx/Aquarius Mars opposition!

Arthur-Rackham-Illustration-038The ringing in of 2015 will be extravagant, if not in decor and pomp, then certainly in drama and spectacle.

Think ostentatious and rash.

Oh, yeah and fueled by alcohol.

If you are ready to let your hair down, then this Wednesday will be a fine time to shine.

Yep, the Leo/Aquarius axis is party central—there are no other signs of the zodiac who love their friends more. Nor any other two who want to paint the town red every chance they get. Social is their lifeblood.

The only thing that could make this a more powerful (read: drunken debaucherous) evening is if the King of Planets weren’t retrograding at the moment, but maybe that’s the blessed ‘brakes’ that save many of us from disaster.


Take care of yourselves and each other.

Be safe and have fun!

Happy New Year.


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